Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sad times so far

Chastin still isn't home from the hospital...they want to make sure he's completely okay before they release him since, you know, he crashed into a freaking tree so hard the car is now wrecked and sad.
Its just me alone at home right now. I haven't seen slendderp since that night at the bar. I'm guessing he has other things to do.
Maybe its wrong to say this, and I really hope Taben doesn't get mad at me for it (I apologize ahead of time for what I'm about to say in case you become offended), but I'm jealous of people like Aiden and Allen who get to see the good side of slendy...
When I was just some random slender fan I always held the opinion that slendy wasn't really evil in the sense that we generally think of when we think of a malicious, horrible monster. I remember him mentioning once on Sandra's blog that he doesn't kill because he likes it, but because its what we, his creators, made him to do. Assuming he is a tulpa, its pretty safe to say that, since we created slendy to be this terrifying monster that drives people crazy and murders them or proxy-fies them, that that's what he'll become. It isn't really his fault that he does what he does. He doesn't really have a choice. In the end its our perception of him that drives him to murder and so we can only call ourselves responsible.
Maybe thats strange of me to suggest...but its what I've been contemplating since I got back. Many of us bloggers hate him for all the pain he's caused, but isn't that what we wanted him to do in the first place? The only thing we didn't foresee is that our creation would become real...
I guess the statement "be careful what you wish for" is completely true isn't it? We made a monster for our own enjoyment (yes, it is enjoyment since we love being scared of things we know aren't real) and now its come to life and we only have ourselves to blame for what he's done as a result of our stupidity.

Anyway...before I knew he was real, I used to think it would be awesome if slendy would be my friend. Of course...I also thought (and still think) it would be cool to be friends with Pyramid Head so maybe I'm just weird...

Maybe I'll try talking to him again...maybe I should see what he has to say? I need to know what he wants with Chastin and maybe, just maybe, I can get him to tell me. Yeah...wish me luck on that one. I'm hoping I'll get lucky and slendy'll be fairly docile when I see him next. He seemed pretty calm when I saw him outside my parents' house that time. Of course, he chased me down a street and knocked me out the very next time we met...

I want to believe that he is capable of good. Chastin will think that's stupid...but from what I've seen with people like Aiden and Sandra, he is capable of something other than murder. Even the most evil human being is capable of good, and I believe the same concept stands with the Slender Man. I guess I'm too trusting and nice...but we'll see. If I can perceive him as something other than an evil abomination then maybe he'll stop trying to hurt us.

Again, wish me luck...


  1. First, I apologize for any spelling errors as I type this. I've been feeling under the weather the past few days. Some Allergy/dizzines/Sickness combination thing.

    I am not mad at you for saying it. Honestly. I've felt the same most the time. Allen and Aiden get off easy. I sort of get off since I'm 'working' for Aiden and Allen's mum. But It has shown no mercy, to any of us. Slendy has his plans. He's holding back. I'm certain that eventually I'm going to fall into it as well.

    When I first got into the mythos I was much the same way. And then the first time I saw Him watching Allen as we were at the park. And then later seeing him peeking into Allen's window (second story of our old apartment) watching him sleeping. I panicked. scared. I wanted to commit myself I honest to Gods thought I was going insane.

    Then I started the self loathing. Why? Because. It was my fault Slender Man was after my son. I had been watching Marble Hornets and Allen walked in (entry 14) And asked who everyone is. I pointed out who was who and then showed Allen pictures of Slender Man. And like everything else, he became obsessed. Even when I tried to explain to him that Slender Man was an evil horrible thing and we didn't want to talk about it. And he just told us "Slendy is my friend!"

    I just hope and pray that nothing happens to Allen because of me. I don't think I'd ever forgive myself. I find we're quite a lot like Sandra and the gang over here. We try to hid our fear behind laughter and amusement. It's our coping mechanism. Ryan isn't afraid of ANYTHING (kinda like Allen) He usually just shrugs most things off. But honest to Gods every time he sees Slendy peek in, he's startled and gasps. It's really unsettling for me to see him scared. Yeah. We're all kinda shaking in our shoes over here.

    Good luck. If He doesn't talk to you, I'll try my hand at talking to him. He usually comes around in the evenings around dinner or just after Allen's gone to bed. It usually goes smoother with Ai here but we won't have him back till next week sometime. Stupid freakin' airlines.

  2. I'd really like to know more about him honestly. I'm more curious than freaked out right now. Of course, that will probably change once he goes into kill mode after awhile...but for now I can only hope I can get some answers out of him.