Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I knew it

I fucking knew something like this would happen once you left. You idiot...please be know that that whole Kyle hallucination was just slendy fucking with you right? You say you killed Kyle...well....I do believe you when you say that. I also know it wasn't your fault. It can't have would never willingly kill your own brother.
The fact that you have that huge memory gap and a new wound is extremely disturbing...I think...well...I guess its  too early to say what I'm thinking for certain.
Look...I know Kyle's death wasn't really Chastin's fault because I asked a certain someone who would know all these things. Mhmm, I actually got some answers out of the Tall One himself. It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. It was...frightening to say the least, but I'm alive aren't I?

Here's how it went:
The morning after Chastin announced he was leaving I pretty much stayed in bed and ignored him as he was getting his stuff and getting ready to go to his new loft place. He said goodbye and all I did was glare at him...I feel really guilty about that now knowing he almost died last night. Anyway, after I finally heard the door to the apartment shut I got up and went to make tea for my fragile nerves. I'd barely slept that night because of the strange fear I've been having recently of letting my guard down. I constantly feel this force tugging on my mind and coaxing me to let go...
I sat down on the couch and then slendderp just kind of appeared on the balcony outside the window. He stared at me as I sat drinking tea and all I did was look up once, raise my eyebrow, and look back at the TV.

Yeah...I hope it doesn't seem like I have balls of steel or anything. I don't. I'm not like Zeke Strahm...I'm a total wuss. It isn't that I'm not scared of slendy, its that, at that moment, just like the night at the bar, I was so depressed and worn out that I didn't even want to put up with his shit.

Then I remembered that I had wanted to talk to him before my relationship got screwed over. At that time, I wanted to scream at slendy and beat him to death since its his fault Chastin left. But, I knew it was important we get answers, so I mastered myself and gestured for him to come inside.

He seemed...confused. He did the crazy head tilt and let off this aura of some sort of perplexed curiosity.

Me: "Well, are you coming in or not?"

The next thing I know, slendy's inside next to the TV. He's still confused and I'm still frustrated and angry.

Me: "I want to talk."

Slendy just kind of stands there and stares. I'm still shocked he wasn't angry or anything...

Me: "What the hell is your deal? What did we do to attract your attention? Will you tell me?"

Slendy, to my great surprise, nods. I scramble to grab something for him to write on since I didn't want anymore painful head trauma from his screwy telepathy crap but, when I hold a pen and notepad out to him, he shakes his head and the horrible pain comes back. Like before, I'm able to use my willpower to make it go away. However, this strange pressure remains on my head. It felt like someone was squeezing my skull. It wasn't painful, just annoying.

Slender Man: "Thosewillnotbenecessary."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to talk like that...I think he was just messing with me.

Me: Um...can you not talk with your words all jumbled up and stuff? Its painful.

Slendy: "Clearyourmind."

 I'm extremely wary of doing this since I've lately been feeling like some strange darkness has been invading my head trying to sweep me away, but, after a few moments, I relax and the pressure lifts.

Slendy: "Now we can speak."

Me: "What was that all about? Why does it hurt when you try to talk to me?"

S: "We could not speak because you refuse to let me in. Even now I have very limited access to you. You have a very strong mind, child. It has given even me quite a bit of trouble."

Me: "Wait, what?"

S: "I have tried to enter your thoughts, but your willpower is far too strong. I cannot find a foothold in your mind. I cannot break you as I have broken the others. Why is this? I am curious."

Me: "I don't believe you're entirely evil, maybe its got something to do with that?"

S: "Perhaps. No matter, you will be mine in due time, be assured."

Me: "Seriously? You want me as a proxy? What the hell could I possibly do that could be of use to you?"

S: "You are dear to him. If I break you he will fall all too easily. His mind will not be able to handle the sight of his poor Malkin at the mercy of his worst nightmare."

Me: "No! What do you want with Chastin?! He'd never even heard of you before I told him, and that wasn't until after you started following us! I'm the one that's been all into the mythos surrounding you..."

S: "Foolish child, you know nothing. He is mine. He slipped away from me but he is MINE."

He got extremely angry at that point. The tentacles came out and I fell to the ground clutching my head at the strength of his outburst.

Me: "St-stop! It hurts!"

S: "Just wait, little one. You will be the instrument of his destruction. I will shatter your mind and leave you groveling at my feet like a dog."

After he said that, the tentacles disappeared again and he comes closer to me.

Me: "You're kind of awkward looking. Just saying."

Slendy: "Then perceive me as something different, child. It is as you believe. I am the product of humanity and its perplexing need to be frightened. I am here to frighten and to take, just as you asked of me. You say you believe I am not evil, yet I can see that you do not feel this with conviction. You can change your fortune, child. Until then, however, donotexpectmercyfromme.

I'm guessing my guard started to go back up instinctively at that point since his speech began to become jumbled and the pressure came back
Um...he actually patted me on the head before disappearing. It wasn't really comforting and nice like I imagine it is when he pats Aiden or Allen on the head. It was creepy...
Yeah...note to self, don't piss off the Slender Man. Its not a good idea and it leaves you with a headache that lasts for five hours.

Aiden, I really wish I could see the nice side of him like you...angry slendy is REALLY scary.

So yeah, that was my conversation. At least I know for certain now that he wants Chastin. God dammit, Chas, please come home. I don't know how much longer I can keep him at bay and I'd really rather not go all proxy on you...

On an unrelated note, I really hope you're okay Taben....please don't be hurt.

Also unrelated, I'm really happy that M's alive. I can see already that some serious shit is gona happen to the guy that saved him though...

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