Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home, finally

I'm back, thank goodness. Chas is fine, he just looks a little banged up. He'll be released from the hospital soon. I made sure not to stay a super long time because I didn't want to deal with them yelling at me to get out since I'm not related to or married to Chas. Yeah...its stupid and I know Aiden and Brennon had the same problem. Chas is ok though and he should be able to avoid a mental break down until I come back to see him tomorrow. I can only hope slendy doesn't decide to pay him a visit...surely skinny's not that big of a dick?
So yeah...my car is extremely sad looking now. Chas hit that "tree" pretty hard (I suppose slendderp can become tree-like when he wants to, right?). I pretty much tried and failed to drive Chas's motorcycle XD I'm not skilled and manly like he is, so its bus time for me until we figure something out for the car. Yeah...we're poor. Thankfully, college is on summer break so I don't really have to go anywhere right now.

Oh...and, true to what I said in my last post, I did go for drinks last night in my anger at not being able to get home asap. Well, funny story, slendy actually showed up in an alley next to the bar I went to. I just kind of ignored him to be honest...I didn't want to deal with him at that point since I was already super frustrated from airport madness and worry for Chas. I went inside the bar and, lo and behold, slendy followed me. Yeah...I'm confused too...he just kind of watched me drink from the corner and didn't appear to care that I wasn't even acknowledging his presence. I left after an hour or so of spacing out and sipping something (I can't even recall what it was, honestly) and he followed me out. My parents' house isn't that far from the airport, so I decided to walk home. Look, I know it was stupid to do that when the freaking Slender Man, scourge of foggy, empty streets, was following me like a puppy, but I really didn't give a shit. I was tired, depressed, and slightly drunk...
Well, you can probably guess this didn't end well...I got a few blocks, turned around to see if he was still behind me and, surprisingly, he wasn't there. I turned back around and, of course, he's standing not three feet in front of me with tentacles out and head cocked at a painful looking angle.

I ran like hell. No heroics for me this time...
The painful throbbing from slendy trying to talk to me pounded on me the entire time but I didn't want to find out what he was saying... I pretty much figured it was something along the lines of "kill" and "maim".
He appeared at the end of the street that I was running down but, before I could turn around I remembered M's advice. You know, keep your eyes on slendy and he can't slenderwalk like a bitch. So, I tried that. I stared right into where his eyes would be and backed away as quickly as I dared. He lumbered down the street after me but didn't disappear.
So, I guess some of what M says does work for me. That's nice to know. Still though...tentacles. One of them extended toward me faster than I could react and tripped me. I fell to the ground in a heap and looked up to find him standing over me. His aura was completely triumphant and gleeful.


I don't remember anything after that...it hurts to try. I woke up outside my parents' house with only a few cuts and bruises. I hope he didn't screw with my head too much...I'd rather not go all proxy and be offed by zerosage. Yeah.... that guy is losing it.

So yeah...that's my adventure. But, I'm home now and I'm just fine. I haven't seen the tall bastard since and I can only hope he goes away at least until Chas gets better....


  1. Zero's not just after proxies hun. Anyone that's dealing with Slendy? He's after them.

    Most I can say is to contact Aiden. Slendderp (I love that term and am using it from now on) seems to listen to him and talk to him and explain stuff to him. I guess it's the whole fragment thing or whatever. Maybe he can get Slendderp to lay off ya for a bit. No guarantee it'll work, but couldn't hurt to try.

    At least your home. And sorry about the hospital shit. I've had the same happen with Ry and I and it's pissed me off. Because we're legally married, but because I identify as male it's all downhill. It sucks ass. Don't let them piss you off too much. And stay safe and take care of yourself and Chas.

  2. It sounded to me like he was just offing anyone who was dealing with him, proxies included. I dunno...and I doubt slendderp would lay off us...he's a jerk like that.

  3. I guess the point I was trying to make is that I'd rather not be on the brink of crazy and all that cuz zero is crazy now and I'd rather he not kill me