Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hate the airport

Being retarded I actually had the AUDACITY to think that maybe I could get a flight home tonight but NO. I am mad now.
I need to get home as soon as possible even if it means flying into the late hours of the morning...I need to be there for Chastin. I can't believe he got himself in the fucking hospital...the next time I see slendershit I'm gonna do a hell of a lot more than just try and fail to hit him with a rake and then yell at him a little bit. (Yeah I've given up doing the whole Him thing every time I'm referring to slendy, its too much work.)
Secondly, I believe everyone needs to know exactly how I feel about that operator symbol tattoo...
Yeah I should punch Chas in the balls for doing that. In fact I might just do that when he's not all drugged up and hospital-y. Look...maybe that seems like its going a little far but I feel rather strongly about this subject. I honestly don't believe the operator symbol actually helps ward slendy off. I mean, Chas just had his accident because of slendy even though he had the operator symbol on his wrist.

Yeah, its not really doing much in the way of warding him off. I've come to interpret the symbol as more of a challenge now. Like...when you put operator symbols up or even just one or two on clothing I think slendy sees that as a sort of mocking challenge. Its as if you're saying to him "yeah that's right, I have an operator symbol, lets see you get me now bitch". Well as you can no doubt imagine that just pisses him off more. It would piss me off if I were a tall, humanoid eldritch abomination so yeah...gonna assume I'm right about this one.

Sigh...Chas is so bad at not being horribly maimed isn't he? First the shoulder burn thing and now this...I'm never leaving him alone again. I should've just taken him with me to see my parents but nooooooo, Chas didn't want our cats to be lonely for a few days. Srsly...we would just leave them at the local vet clinic but he thought Steve and Bear would be sad. (Bear would've actually had a bitch fit but thats not the point...)

So yeah...I'm at the airport attempting to get a flight home. Its not working. God I wish slendy would show his ugly face here and now so I can wildly attempt to punch something. Mmmmeeeeeeeh....maybe I'll go get a few drinks or something....

I miss you, Chas...

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