Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Part Where Malkin Tells the Truth

Yeah, this is that part.

Its time I stopped pretending I don't know what's happening...all of our followers know that I know what's going on since, you know, I've kind of been following their blogs for months. I've been pretending I don't know who our lovely stalker is out of a fear that revealing things might make this worse...
So yeah...obviously I know that tall, dark, and faceless is the Slender Man. That may seem like kind of a stupid reveal to the other bloggers who follow us...but its going to be a surprise to Chastin. I've known ever since I first saw Him lurking outside my window...I've been an avid follower of the Slender Man mythos since like...December? November? I can't remember. The point is that I knew about Slendy and didn't say anything even when He showed up in our lives. I'm so sorry...

When I first started out I thought this was all fun and cool and whatnot. People like being scared. Its why we watch horror movies. Its also why I enjoyed watching Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, and reading all the blogs. I was a total nerd for slendy. I know all of the theories about His existence, I was all into what was going on with the other was awesome for awhile. I convinced myself slendy didn't exist, that its all fun and games. Looking back, I feel like a dumbass. But...there was some part of me that still possessed this horrible fear of Him. Its why I didn't introduce this all to Chastin when I first got into it...some part of me was afraid that, if I did, He would come for both of us. However, I'm by no means suggesting that His sudden appearance in our lives is my fault. When I saw slendy outside my window that night, my first thought was obviously, "Oh gods, it finally happened. My stupid obsession with this mythos is finally going to get us killed." But then I felt from Him that He wasn't there for me. You will recall, I'm sure, that I mentioned in my first post that I could feel His intent radiating off of Him. Well, as I said, I could feel that slendy wanted Chastin. I was utterly shocked and confused when I discovered this... How could slendy want Chastin when I'm the one that's been meddling in the mythos? Chastin's last post confirmed for me that its time for me to reveal all of this. I am absolutely certain now that this isn't because of me. Something deeper is going on and I realized it the moment Chas mentioned seeing "random circles with x's through them" in Kyle's old things. I should have told Chas everything I know about Slender Man the moment He came into our lives. I'm sorry I didn't say anything...but now I can and maybe it will save our asses. Hopefully telling you won't make it worse...

I am reassured now that, in most cases, slendy won't come for someone just because they know the mythos. That would mean that every one of the few thousand people that know about Him would be stalked and eventually die. Even slendy can't be in that many places at once. No...He has to see you as some kind of a threat or as especially interesting, I think. Slendy wants Chastin because of something that happened with Kyle...I know it. I have to find some way to protect him now or we're both toast.

The Slender Man is now a part of my reality...its such a strange thought...I went all that time carelessly thinking He didn't exist only to be proved wrong in the most terrible of ways. The only comfort I can find is that this isn't my fault... The only regret I have is that I didn't say something sooner... Please forgive me, Chas...I promise I'll find a way to fix this.

So yeah, Chas, when you read this come talk to me immediately...we need to talk about those "math equations" you saw in Kyle's notebooks...

By the way avid readers, Chas has no idea the monster stalking us is Slender Man, so don't be surprised if I'm dead tomorrow from his rage at me not telling him that I know everything about this creature....


  1. And all this time I've just been assuming you realized it. Wow. Apologies. And hopefully he doesn't harm you any. Again, I kinda just... assumed that you all knew.

  2. I knew...but Chas had no idea....yeah I should've told him its been slendy all this time. It was dumb of me to act like I didn't know

  3. Eh, to be honest, I did the same. They say Denial was the first step to acceptance. The bad part is that it's just something we never really want to accept.