Monday, May 16, 2011

This is where Malkin needs to come home...

I don't care that you kept it from me, and you know that, since I told you last night.
But I can stand for myself, Slender Man has nothing against me. I mean He has some beef with me, and I have yet to figure out why yet. But He can't get to me, I wont let him, and I can't let him get to Malkin...

But I did do something that Malkin freaked out about. I got a tattoo of the operator symbol. Remember the O's with X's crossed through them in Kyle's notes? Yeah I thought it meant something to him, and I decided I needed something to remind me of him, keep him in my thoughts. So I got that symbol under my wrist in black. I thought it looked rather cool but according to Malkin it was the dumbest idea I've had so far...
According to Malkin it's a symbol that can either send Mr. Slendy off for a little, make him completely ignore it, or antagonize him further... So I've kept it in it's bandages to keep it sealed. I look at it every now and then. It still holds Kyle's memory to me. I don't know if that's a good thing though...

To continue with Malkin's last post, it didn't bother me as much as he thought it might. I knew Slender Man was something awful, all Malkin did was put a name on it.
I watched some of the videos that Malkin sited. I can tell their Slender Man is fake. I mean the real Slendy hold way more fear, you can see it in him. It like come off of him like an invisible fire, it's hard to explain. But you just can't seem to see it on everymanHYBRID, or MarbleHornets. Just not real.
And Slender Man isn't something to joke about. Especially when he's such a creature that you can't even begin to explain it's actions, hows, or why's.
All I can tell from those Operator symbols on Kyle's notebooks is that Kyle was connected to or was stalked by Slender Man. And now he's on to me. Which makes me wonder why.

My first encounter with Slender Man was about three years ago. I barely remember that damn suit, everywhere. My life was moving so fast then, just meeting Malkin, falling in love, moving in together. I must have totally ignored him at some point..

But today... today made it seem all too real.

I was coming home from work. I was driving Malkin's car since he took a taxi to the airport and all the weather wanted to do was rain. It was miserable, I was tired of it too.
The mustang roared to life when I pushed in the clutch and started the car. I pulled out of the drive way of Bob's auto wrecking yard, and continued to my normal route home.
But of course my main way home was blocked off due to road construction. Really? Just what I needed after a wonderful day at work with angry customers...
I took a U-turn and headed for the back way. I turned up the music in the car to drown out the heavy rain and wind, knocking at the car. I breathed in the warm air from the vents and continued on in fourth. Down the back roads, it was surprisingly calming. The bass vibrating my back and mind. The trees around me fought back with the wind as I took the tight corners, sliding as I drifted with them in ease.

Then it all just got dark

All I remember was Slender Man's face staring at me. Almost breathing on me it seemed like. (Malkin says "wtf how can he breathe he has no mouth")
Then I remember slowly waking up to sirens, the flashing red and blue lights against the black night sky. The rain still coming down at I felt tears rolling down my eyes, reasons I couldn't figure out why.

Where was Malkin? Where was I? What was going on!

I woke later in the hospital. According to my nurse I "passed out at the wheel and veered off into the trees, totaling the car." She said I was lucky to have lived with the minor injuries I had, specially in an old car with no air bags.
I bit my lip, hard. I fucked up Malkin's prize car... The one we restored together...

Now I'm in the hospital, waiting to recover. And for Malkin to get back from his parent's. He said he'd be on the first flight home, but I don't know how much of me wants to face him.

Me knowing that I didn't fall asleep at the wheel. Something was missing and I can't seem to get my thoughts correct onto what.

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  1. I don't care about the car dummy...I just want you to be safe. I'm never leaving again :-/ you're really bad at not getting hurt. I'm happy you're not mad at me...and now that we're all good we can figure out how to deal with slendy. Also, I'm going to punch you for getting that stupid operator symbol. There's no way of knowing if it will help or make it worse...I mean, M had one all the time and he seems to be vanishing a lot lately