Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slightly angry but not really

Yeah...I was going to bitch at Chas for ignoring me all of the day before yesterday as I was leaving...and then I found out he went to see his mom. Without me.
I know it sounds weird but his mother freaking loves me...I have no idea why :-/ like of the reasons she stopped talking to Chas is because he's gay...but am I, obviously. Yeah...don't get her logic behind that one. Maybe I'm just awesome. Who knows. Anyway...she seems to be at least...not bitchy...when I go see her with Chas. I'm curious as to why he went alone when he knew she'd just be hurtful and cruel... So yeah, not gonna yell at him for not paying attention. I feel bad for what happened and I wish I could do something to make her stop acting this way...but she's completely convinced Chas is responsible for Kyle's death and nothing I can say will change it. She always was a hardheaded, stubborn woman (so is Chas LOL). Sorry, snuggly bear, couldn't resist that little wisecrack.
My day with my parents was anything but eventful. They like begged me to come, but I was really reluctant to leave Chas alone for fear he'd get eaten by our new skinny friend. Thankfully, he didn't see Him (at least, he didn't as far as I know...). I, on the other hand, did. Seriously, I thought I'd get a break from it while at my mom and dad's place but no...of course not. It wasn't anything horrible. He didn't pick me up again or anything. I just saw Him once standing in the woods across the street from my parents' house. I guess I'm reckless...but I actually started walking towards Him when I saw Him. I was outside enjoying the weather and there He was. I wanted to know what He would do if I just went right for Him without showing any kind of fear. So I walked toward Him. And then I ran like hell at Him with a rake. Yeah. I'm awesome like that.

He seemed...confused. I could feel it from Him. He had no idea why I was running at Him like a crazy person and apparently He didn't want to find out. The bastard disappeared just as I swung the rake at His ugly, bald head. I whirled around, searching, and I saw Him standing at the end of the street staring some more. I kinda lost it then...I yelled "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US?"
I heard His voice again. It felt like my head was being split open at first, but then I concentrated as hard as I could to overcome it. It took every bit of my willpower but, finally, the pain stopped. I heard two words echo clearly in my mind before He disappeared for good.

"Soon, child."

Fucking cryptic bastard. 
P.S. His voice sounds really stupid. Ha. How do you like that, skinny? Oh, and by the way you tall, faceless creep, you're fat. And adopted. (Props if you got that Portal 2 reference)

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  1. Don't attempt any further communication with Slender.
    Slender would never give away information of any use.
    Words are just another weapon to him
    - Indrid