Sunday, July 31, 2011


I just...I can't even believe it. At this point I'm amazed we even trusted slendy. I remember Taben was extremely uneasy about slendy hanging around his son in the past. I remember thinking he worried too much because slendy clearly treated Allen the same way he treats Sandra. I thought that meant we could trust him not to hurt Allen. He gave us his word he would never hurt Allen and then he went on and on about how he never breaks his word.

I think...Allen was just another victim waiting to happen all that time. I don't think he was ever "special" like the rest of us thought. I think slendy has to make the children he takes trust him completely before he can lead them to wherever it is they go. I think he was just biding his time and waiting for the right moment. He didn't want us to turn on him in the past, which he knew we would if Allen disappeared. He was holding out because he wanted to remain close to Aiden to monitor him and to Chastin and I once we showed up here.

Now, however, he has no reason to have us on his side. Relations between slendy and our group were getting uneasy anyway. He probably has other plans for us now. Even if Taben goes back to working for It, slendy can still use this to his advantage. 

My friends are losing everything...Aiden lost his family and Taben lost his husband and son. I wish I could do more to stop these deaths...All I can really do is help Aiden protect Brennon and Chastin now.

Chastin, I swear I won't let anything happen to you. Aiden, I promise I'll do whatever it takes to help you protect Brennon and get through all of this. need to remember who your real friends are.

Aiden and I are going to stay up every night from now on and watch over the house to make sure nothing bad happens. I still don't know if I can go for as long as Ai can without sleep, but we'll see. It's been three days without rest so far and I'm still feeling fine. I guess we'll have to see.

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