Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm sitting with Taben and Ai right now. Aiden's keeping Taben asleep for the time being, just like slendy did to Chas. It's the only way to keep him sane for now.

I recall slendy himself mentioning that, if people keep him out of their thoughts for long enough and run away from where they live, then he won't be able to find them and they can become normal even if they're proxies. It's sort of like what Alex from Marble Hornets does. He moves away and forgets all about his encounters with slendy and is able to escape him for a short while.

This is, of course, out of the question with Taben. We can't just ship him off to some distant place and hope everything goes back to normal with him. Aiden said he has plans, but he hasn't shared them with me yet. I'm sure he will when the time comes.

Chas is in our room right now. He's still so confused about everything that's happening. I don't blame him. It must be so shocking to discover that all his nightmares are real. He still doesn't fully know what happened with Kyle and we aren't really in a position to learn more now that slendy is nowhere to be found.

All we can do is wait, I guess. My plan to use Revenant blood isn't going to work, I'm assuming. I don't really know what's going to happen now.

Oh, I can see It outside the window. I think It wants to know what's going on with us. It wants to know why slendy isn't here and It wants to know what's wrong with Taben. The last thing we need is It sticking its nonexistent nose into this mess, too. 


  1. I spoke with KK, it probably won't work. A Tazer won't provide enough of a shock to really affect Him and keep him from Taben. We'll just keep Taben asleep instead.

    I'm probably going to get kicked by someone for this, but... I've been reconsidering the Revenant idea. We'll talk more later today.

  2. I know you guys don't like that idea but as far as I can tell it's the only surefire way to save Taben. As long as you do it nothing bad will happen to me. Revenents are just powerful proxies and nothing more, they aren't Hallowed like Taben is going to be if we don't hurry.

    I had thought, originally, that Taben would be able to hold off from becoming Hallowed. He told me to trust him even though I knew slendy would betray us like this. Taben's a pretty badass dude...I thought he had enough fight in him to resist slendy. He would if it weren't for all the death that's occurred. I think he's lost the will to live and doesn't have the strength to fight him anymore.

  3. You're probably right. He's been asleep since I put him down. I think he'll be alright. But, I dunno. I'm worried. He's not the fighter he used to be. The person we knew. It's frustrating as all hells. At least Slendy's been leaving us alone. Though at the same time. I'm not too happy about it. Especially with KK in the hospital. Not cool at all. Though, with her in the hospital she can't strangle us for being stupid? I just hope she doesn't find out.

  4. What?! KK's in the hospital?! I had no idea D: what happened? I'm guessing something went wrong with the rescue.

  5. Not sure, I just saw the post from someone that was helping her out. There's a post over here: http://tensorproduct.blogspot.com/2011/07/hospital.html

    Oh to make matters worse, Taben's missing again. I've been here with him all day. I don't know what happened or how he got out of here. All I know is he was there one minute and then not the next. I guess having him asleep wasn't getting him away from Slendy.

  6. Gosh D: I hope she's ok...I can't believe she didn't rescue her sister. She was so confident...

    As for Taben, I don't think we had much of a chance keeping slendy at bay. All we can really do is ready the cure and hope we can get near him long enough to subdue him and inject him with it.

  7. I know. It's a pity really. I really wish I could have done something for her, gone there to help. Distracted Slendy or something.

    And, I'm sure we'll figure something out. I'm still uncomfortable with the revenant business but. Well, I guess we'll see. Whatever it takes to help Taben. One things certain though, if you're my revenant, that should make it harder for Slendy to get to you. But then we have to worry about Chastin. Have you even told him yet? I think you should so he knows what's going on and what we're up against.

  8. IF you guy's want I know a revenant who might be willing to help you. Well it''l come down to luck actually I'll have to catch her when her good personality is out. Also I agree with KK do not turn yourself into a revenant it is a very bad idea.