Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quite A Scare

As a rabid Harry Potter fan (something Chas has never been able to fully appreciate about me), I pretty much cried during the last Harry Potter movie when we saw it yesterday. Yes, I know this is a very unmanly thing to do, but I don't care because I'm a super nerd. Watching that movie made my whole life complete. Now I must go and read all the books again, which I've been doing for most of today.

Slender Man, of course, managed to rain on my parade yesterday, also. Geocaching is certainly fun. It's like a treasure hunt, something I've always loved doing even if the treasure was cookies or something. We were near the woods the whole time, so Aiden and I were pretty much high strung and on edge for the entirety or our adventure. As Taben said, we were with some of their friends and we didn't want any trouble while they were around.

Sure enough, slendderp appears. Taben let out this squeal of glee when he saw him and our friends also looked to see what he was excited about. I remember Aiden and I exchanging worried glances and I remember hoping that they wouldn't be able to see him. I thought, why would they be able to? They're just bystanders. Slendy's here because Ai, Taben, and I are here, not because he randomly decided to stalk our friends.

Well, of course, one of our friends says, "Whoa,  nice Slender Man costume! (He turns to us.) Is this a prank, guys?"

Aiden and I were frozen in place, both unsure of what to say. We were both in shock and disbelief that slendy would allow them to see him and frightened that slendy would come after them now. Taben, however, was in some state of permanent joy at that point. He had a huge smile on his face and started telling slendy to come over and meet our friends. Slendy tilted his head and I could feel his curiosity and excitement (he's quite the attention whore).

He didn't come over, thankfully. When Taben announced we were going to him, Ai and I both glared at him furiously and Ai suggested that we leave since it was getting dark. Taben got angry. He said that slendy only wanted to play with us. He said that we were bad people for trying to keep our friends from him. This is where things got bad. Slendy clearly wanted to mess with our friends and so the tentacles came out in full force. He disappeared from across the creek and reappeared behind us. Our friends turned tail and ran at this point, realizing it wasn't just a dude in a costume that we were pranking them with.

Taben seemed dazed after slendy finally left. He looked lost and unsure of what to do. Then, something black and slimy oozed down his cheek from his eye. Slender substance, of course. The only time I've ever heard of it leaking out of a proxy is when they're Hallowed. It means it's rotting their insides and turning them into monsters.

I wonder if I've got it in me, too? Slendy makes proxies by pouring himself into people. That definitely isn't how Ai turned me. We don't even know how or when it happened. I know Ai would never make me a Hallowed, but there's no guarantee slendy won't do that to Taben. It might even be happening already...

Ai, we have to act quickly. I know Taben's trade with slendy saved us from him, but mine and Chas' lives aren't worth Taben losing himself.

Taben...I know you keep telling me to trust you, but you aren't seeing what Ai and I are. You have to fight him, Taben. Think about it, if you become his Hallowed you won't be able to protect Allen anymore. There won't be a Taben anymore, just another pawn. Please...I don't want to lose my friend.


  1. We need to figure out what we can do. He's not listening too us and this is... very disturbing. I'm afraid for him. Seriously honestly afraid for him. I'm just so... tempted... to just... steal him from Slendy as my own. When he gets home. We'll have to do an intervention or something. This can't go on.

  2. Once slendy turns Taben into a Hallowed he'll probably come for Chas and I again. He made a truce with Taben, but there won't be a Taben after slendy's finished with him. I don't care if slendy decides to hunt us again. We can handle it, especially since you're on our side. Taben shouldn't have to lose himself because of us. I know he says he did this for everyone, but he can't help anyone if he becomes Hallowed and his sacrifice will have been in vain.

    I saw more slender substance dripping from his nose this morning. It's getting worse. We need to act quickly.

    Ava mentioned using something to remove the slender substance from the body of a little girl in her blog. If we could figure out what she used maybe we could do it to Taben and free him?

  3. I think we're getting close to war. We'll get something figured out. We have to. I'm not going to lose him. Or you. Or anyone. We're sending Sam and Dean out. The less people home when all hell breaks loose, the better.

    Now it's just a matter of finding Taben. Do you think you'd be able to do research into what this is? I'm not very familiar with Ava's stuff, Things got too hecktic for us by time I started reading her blog and I never got to binge on her blog.

    We'll do something, there must be something we can do.

  4. Don't do it. Ever hear of Lady Of The Shade? Every proxy in the New Jersey area is trying to hunt her down for reversing proxies, watch yourself.

  5. Ai: Ava's blog doesn't go into detail about what they inject the proxy girl with. She mentions that she got the idea from some other bloggers and then, when the kid is injected, her body exudes all the slender substance in it until she returns to normal. I'll look into it more. Hopefully it's some common item that we can easily get a hold of...

    CML: We don't really have a choice. We can't lose Taben. The only repercussions for this action I can foresee are that slendy will decide to hunt Chas and I again, which we can deal with. Can you send me a link to this Lady of the Shade's blog, btw? It might help us.