Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I saw that

I saw that last post on White Elephants. I can't believe Robert's gone...first Reach, then Zero, and now this. It doesn't seem real.

I'm sitting outside the gate to the castle now. I guess it caught up to me finally. I was walking down a path and suddenly the castle was three feet in front of me. I turned around and it was there, too. There isn't anywhere else for me to go...but the air inside the castle feels so wrong. It's painful even to be next to it.

I don't want to believe that I'm a proxy. I know it's silly...but I want to keep believing that there's another reason I can survive here. Slendy keeps telling me that he can't get inside my head. So...maybe, just maybe, this place can't get to me because he can't. I's better than being a proxy that's for sure.

After all, if I'm not slendy's and I'm not Ai's...then I must be Its.

I hope that isn't the truth...

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