Friday, July 22, 2011

It feels weird

Hey guys. So...I'm a Revenant now. It feels, as I stated in this post's title, weird. I can sense everything in my surroundings and I have super strength and healing abilities just like I should. The only downside is, of course, the hypersensitivity. You know, all the typical stuff Reach first told us about the Revenants' abilities. I knew you'd be able to do it, Ai!

I had to test all this out, of course.

Test 1: being able to sense stuff
 I had to have Aiden leave my general vicinity for this one. Once I was aware I was a proxy I could sense his presence anyway. With my new awesomeness, I went outside and could sense all the bugs around me, I could feel Chastin inside with Ai, and I could feel all of our cats upstairs. It feels kind of how it did being inside the Path of Black Leaves. It's pretty cool. It'll definitely come in handy whenever any "undesirables" (as I will call pretty much any of the paranormal entities that inhabit this world and their servants to keep things short) are around. I also noticed that It was watching me from the woods during this test.

Test 2: Super strength and speed
 God, this makes me sound like some super hero. No, it isn't to that extent. I can't like...pick up buildings or run around the house three times in only 10 seconds or anything outlandish like that. The one thing I noticed immediately is that my reflexes have been enhanced a ton. I had Chastin throwing stuff at me as hard as he could and I was able to avoid or catch all of it. I didn't actually get to try out the super strength thing. I was too afraid to. I remembered Andromeda's most recent post. She had been able to disembowel KK's sister with her bare hands. I noticed this same thing today and it scared me. I was holding Chastin's hand and some small part of me knew that I could rip his arm off with a little effort. I need to be extremely careful from now on and train myself to understand how strong I am so I don't hurt anyone.

Test 3: Enhanced healing abilities and hypersensitivity
These two got to go together because I figured them out simultaneously. I had Chastin cut my arm and it healed within a matter of seconds. It hurt like hell though, more than it would normally (I've had a knife buried in my leg before, if you'll recall, and just having my arm cut the way I am now hurt ten times more than that did). This is greatest weakness of a Revenant. Hypersensitivity pretty much means that life is out to get you.

Seriously. Loud noises make me double over in pain, little cuts hurt way more than they should, strong smells give me headaches, and I got a rash on my arms from just existing. It's horrible. I mean, it's good for all the Runners out there since they can use the hypersensitivity against Revenants to save themselves, but it's not fun when you are a Revenant. Reach didn't seem to have this many problems from what I gathered, so hopefully I'll become less sensitive as time passes.

Naomi, it'd be cool if you could still send us the blood from the other Revenant. I don't know if mine will work the way it should since I wasn't created by slendy himself. You know, just as a precaution. We're in Ohio.

Now, I've been thinking and I'm pretty sure the addition of the Revenant's blood to a proxy causes the proxy's body to reject it immediately. It's similar to how the body would react if the blood entering it were the wrong blood type or the way it sometimes treats transplanted organs. The Revenant's blood must make the body's immune system freak out and fight back. The slender substance that is put into proxies to make them such must be similar to an immunosuppressant. In other words, the proxy's immune system is basically shut down to keep it from trying to fight off the foreign substance. The Revenant blood, however, somehow keeps the slender substance from shutting down the immune system and allows it to fight back.

If I recall correctly, there's a lot of vomiting involved while the slender substance is being forced out of the body and the person will be sick for a few days after the injection of the blood. 

Now all that's left is to find Taben. I cannot wait to try my new powers out on some It proxies.


  1. (amused) My dear, sweet, innocent WILL regret what you've done, trust me. I happen to be in your area. Perhaps I'll pay you a visit...

  2. Oh, you know, I take back that last sentence in this entry. I think I'll use my new powers to beat the living shit out of you. You hurt KK and Aiden and I are going to make you pay for that.

  3. Malkin, please don't cause problems. We already have one monster proxy to deal with. I don't want another. Though at least this one's not someone I know and love(d). Still, not something I want to deal with.

  4. If she comes for us then we won't have a choice, Ai. I know you want to deal with one problem at a time, but if she comes to us then I can only be civil for so long after what she did to KK.

  5. I understand. Honestly I do. And trust me, if she did show up, it'd mean war. Especially against Slendy if he actually lets one of his proxies show up and attack us when he had a truce with us and claims to be helping us. If he wants to help us he'd have her join us in the fight against ///It///. Something tells me our time of being 'safe' from Slendy is coming to an end.

  6. Taben didn't believe me when I said slendy would betray us even when Taben was still himself. When he's normal I'm going to punch him I swear :-/

  7. You and me both, man. You and me both.