Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Make This Clear

I know everyone thinks me becoming a Revenant is a bad idea, but those saying I shouldn't don't seem to understand...I'm already a proxy. Becoming a badass proxy will not change my situation.

Aiden is a hatchling, a human with slendy's powers (or something along those lines). Slendy will not be turning me into anything and I'm not his proxy, I'm Aiden's. I know it seems weird but this is how it is and it's why I'm so confident that my plan will work.

KK, Naomi, you'll have to forgive me if I didn't fully explain things. I don't actually know if the reason you guys don't want me to do it is because you think I'm still a human or if it's because you think I shouldn't go in any deeper than I already am.

Naomi, if Aiden is unable to give me the powers of a Revenant then it would be awesome if we could get some blood from your friend. Thanks so much for your help.

KK, if you're not ok I'm going to be severely angry with you. I wish I could've done something to help you and I'll do anything I can to help in the future. 

Maybe this explanation was unnecessary...I'm sorry if that's the case. I just don't know what else we can do regarding Taben and I don't want people to worry about me. 

Also, no, I have not told Chas yet. I don't think he knows about what Aiden is and what he can do and I'd rather ease him into this whole thing slowly. He's still taking in the fact that slendy's real, after all. I don't think he really looks at this blog anymore, otherwise he'd definitely know by now.

Finally, I'd just like to say that slendy can be a whiny little bitch sometimes and it's both funny and annoying at the same time. Seriously, he acted like it was our fault that Taben was abducted by It today. Ai, you should just tentacle slap him one of these days. That would be awesome. 


  1. Could you just imagine the look on his non existent face if i decided to do that? Fuck. I might have to try that just to see the reaction. But really. I mean, c'mon. Taben was Slendy's responsibility at the time. Or something. I don't even know anymore.

    I laugh at the fact Chas doesn't know what I am. He was here when we came back from the path. My back was a wriggling black mass. That place had really screwed with me. I mean, c'mon people. No offense Mal, but your guy's kinda a ditz at times.

  2. I've got the blood let me know where you want it sent.I can get it to you today. Also I don't really care what sort of insanity surrounds you I'll deal with one abomination at time. The thought of more than one of those things wandering around is enough to make my skin crawl. . . No offense Aiden.

  3. None taken, Naomi. I didn't ask for this life. I don't know why I'm living like this. I hate it. But if I've gotta deal with it, I might as well make use of what the Gods have given to me for some good.

  4. There are actually more than one. Aiden isn't technically one of them, though. You haven't heard of ///It///?

    Ai, Chas is the kind of person who refuses to believe things are real when he doesn't want them to be. He did it with slendy in the past even though I could see him too.

  5. I've heard of //it// but I'd rather spend my time taking down one abomination at a time. Let me know where I can send the blood, and it will be there with in the hour.