Saturday, July 23, 2011

Checking In

We spent most of last night searching the surrounding woods and in other places for Allen. We couldn't think of anywhere else he could be. It was strange being able to go that long without rest...I'm not even tired now. We took a break to tell Chas and Brennon that we hadn't found anything and because I needed to eat (that apparently hasn't changed despite my new powers). I guess I know a little of how you feel, Ai.

Wait...I had a thought. What if It took Allen into the Path of Black Leaves? I'm fairly certain that It and slendy could keep a normal human alive there using their powers. At least, I would hope that's the explanation. I'd rather not let my mind stray into the "Allen could be an It proxy" area for now. Ai, I know it's a long shot but I feel like we should check there too. If you want, you can just send me and you can keep looking out here. The most likely place there is the castle and I'm pretty sure I can handle anything there now (besides It, of course).

Also, regarding Andromeda, a part of me wants to beat the shit out of her for what she did to KK. I know that it's more prudent to leave it be for now and focus on saving Taben, though. I'm sorry, Ai. If she comes here I promise I'll try and be civil for as long as I can. Hell, maybe we'll get lucky and slendy will command her to help us or something (doubtful, but still).

 Anyway, I guess I'd better go back out for now. I don't know where else we can look, though. I guess we could like...try and interrogate It if we have to. We're both pretty badass now, after all. I can feel It somewhere to the left of me. I'll have to see what Aiden makes of that.


  1. As long as it doesn't end up with us cleaning up dead bodies. I'm sick of dead bodies. After dealing with Sammi and Crow... no.. Lance's mutilated corpses last night. I'm still upset we lost them. We failed them.

    Path of Black leaves it is. I... still hardly know how to cross over. I'll try though.

    As for It. We may be bad ass, but so is Slendy, and he even hesitates when dealing with It sometime. I say we try and get Slendy to help us on this. We need to interrogate both of them anyways. Slendy will be more willing, it's It where we'll have the problem. I hate his voice though. I say take the dry erase board and markers with us.

  2. The problem with having slendy around is that once we get Taben away from It, slendy will go right back to keeping us from curing Taben. I'm afraid that he'll just snatch Taben away from us the moment he and Allen are out of danger.