Friday, July 22, 2011

I've figured out something.

Mainly the reason why I'd been so absent...

I'd been down in Montana where my other Uncle lives. He had a lot of answers that I didn't think were even available.
A lot of things began to make sense...

Apparently Slender Man is real... Yeah, okay my bad, but it's hard to believe that something tall, and deathly is real...

According to my Uncle, my father killed himself in a car crash, taking the car off a large cliff by the Pacific shore or something, without saying good bye. Mostly because he didn't want us to ask questions.
Questions mostly about his sanity, and actions... Slender Man has been a part of the family for a while... Just not on good terms. He saw my brother and I at a young age, and my father noticed, my mother denied anything about such a creature, like myself. He had no one to turn to, or be pronounced crazy.
It makes sense to why I have random gaps of memory when I was younger, and why sometimes my brother would just stare into space for no reason, and be unresponsive for hours. Slender Man was speaking to him or something, that caught his attention deeply.
Seems Slendy had a stronger grip on Kyle than he ever did me. It shows why my father was so much more protective of Kyle, rather than me.
Also my father's parenting. He became very mad, depressed, and angry. Usually drunk, crying, sick, abusive. It started to get worse and worse but I didn't notice how bad it was, mostly since I was 5 and didn't know how a family was supposed to work. All along it seemed natural.
Slender Man left us alone for a couple of years after my dad left us.
But he came back soon after my brother graduated, or even before. I went through a couple of albums my uncle had of my brother and I when he used to live closer to us. My brother's emotions would change dramatically in some pictures.
Some would show him enjoying the pool, impressing my Uncle's neighbor's daughter, while in others he's not even in the water. But merely staring into it, like there was a black whole at the bottom.
Pictures of his Prom showed him just sitting at tables, his date off with someone else. Not like the party animal nickname he got in high school.
My uncle said he had thought long and hard about Kyle's suicide. He thinks Slender Man got to him when he went out on his own. Giving reasons why he cut ties with the family. He was trying to save us...

He says I didn't kill Kyle. And that I shouldn't think I could have saved him, because he wouldn't let anyone near him...


  1. Oh so NOW you tell me what happened to you. Gosh, it took you long enough

  2. By the way, I've kind of been avoiding telling you a lot of things. So, it'd be cool if you'd either read the entries I made in your absence or talked to me about it.

  3. It's good to see you out of your funk an all. Hopefully we can start making more headway now.

    Welcome back. Just know you're not alone.