Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you don't stop staring at me I'm going to punch your nonexistent face in

I'm sitting here watching Allen play video games while Aiden and Brennon are out. Chas is in the kitchen making us food because he's a woman (lol sexist fail).

Anyway, as I said to start off this post, if you don't stop staring at me, slendy, I'm going to knock you on the ground with a hole where your "face" should be. I showed that to him and he just did that infuriating head tilt.

He's here to help me keep an eye on Allen, but he's making it really hard for me. Chastin feels extremely uncomfortable being in the same room as him and makes a lot of effort to find things to do that keep him away.

I don't mind. I completely understand his fear. I'm safe because I'm already a proxy and a Revenant on top of that. He can't do anything to hurt me. Chastin, however, is still a normal human and, now that the truce Taben had established with slendy to save us is broken, Chastin is completely at his mercy.  I know slendy won't try anything while I'm around, but I'm still wary of him. Slendy isn't laying a finger or tentacle on Chastin and, if he tries, I will rip his head off.

That doesn't change the fact that he still tries his hardest to frighten Chastin. At night he stands in the corner of our room and stares at Chas. I don't think anything of it because I'm so used to his presence, but Chas can hardly sleep. Chas woke up screaming last night because of a horrific nightmare I know slendy caused and woke up again an hour or so later because he felt a cold hand on his shoulder and was treated to slendy staring down at him with his tentacles out in force.

The hallway outside of our room is fairly creepy at night and slendy takes advantage of that. Whenever Chas goes upstairs or gets out of bed slendy always makes sure he's standing at the end of the hallway. Apparantly he does this thing where he slowly gets closer and closer to Chastin every time he looks back at slendy.

I tried telling Chas not to worry. With my hypersensitivity I'll wake up instantly if he screams, so slendy can't do much to hurt him. Despite this, however, Chastin is still deathly afraid of him. I've decided that, tonight, I'm going to stay up all night keeping an eye on Chastin and keeping slendy out of the room. I also don't know how long Ai will be gone, so I'll need to stay up and watch Allen too if he isn't back.

Back to the present, slendy's staring at me still and it's driving me crazy. I guess he's mad that I'm the one that got away from him and that as long as I'm around he can't have Chastin, the one he wanted originally.

Actually...it's almost like he wants me to leave. That's weird. Well, he can just go die because I'm not moving. Yeah, I know you can hear my thoughts you skinny freak. I'm making sure you can hear them. I don't trust you and I'm not leaving you alone with the kid. Go die.

I hope he gets mad, then I have an excuse to hit him.


  1. Tell Allen that Mommy is coming and will bring him home. It'll be alright. Mommy loves and misses him. I'll save him.

    Don't worry. Master has promised my son will be safe.

  2. Why should you trust it? Your previous master promised that too and he wasn't able to protect him.

  3. OK lemme get this straight, in one of your posts you said that slenderp was eating the head of a hallowed. And just now you are telling us that he can't hurt you. I see your point being that you are revenant but that doesn't mean he can't hurt you, Malkin you need to wake up and smell the ashes.

  4. That proxy let slendy eat him. He was summoned by slendy for the purpose of becoming a snack. I'm not his proxy. He has no power over me.

  5. Then kill his ass rid the world of this monstrosity if you have the "power" to.

  6. I guess I need to clarify. It isn't that I can kick his ass, it's more that he doesn't really have anything more he can do to me at this point. I'm already a proxy so he can't make me into one of his, we're in a truce with him right now on our property, so for the moment he won't try anything so I don't have to worry dying yet, and the only option he has left is to take Chas, which he won't do for awhile yet. For the moment, I suppose, he can't do much to me. But, you're right, that is going to change soon.