Thursday, June 16, 2011

You are a stupid son of a bitch.

Chastin, I swear to God I'm going to knock you out the next time I see you. How could you do this knowing the danger you're in? I KNOW you saw the Slender Man when we were all in your apartment. You can't deny it. He was standing in freaking full view of the entire room like exploding with anger.

He's gone now. Yeah, he's coming after you you idiot. I don't care if you don't believe me. If you don't come back you're going to either die or be turned into a proxy. The only reason slendy wanted me was to get to you. Now I'm safe and the only thing he can do now is come after you. He's going to focus all of his energy on getting to you now. Before, at least, I could distract him. That isn't the case anymore. Aiden's house is a safe zone. He won't come near me there. You need to come here...please.

Slendy isn't finished with me yet, though. He's pissed that he was never able to break me. He's going to turn you into a proxy and use you to get to me, just like he originally planned to do except the other way around.

He doesn't like losing, Chas. Thanks to Aiden and Taben he almost lost us and he was so...enraged. He wanted to rip all of our heads off yesterday, I could tell.

Now he's got the perfect opportunity to get you. You're an idiot...

Please...please come home. I'm begging you. If you love me at all you will come home.

If you still have the will to live you will come home...


  1. Ok, first off. How did you expect him to react. Two people he did NOT know at all tied him to a chair and gagged him. What do you expect someone to do? How do you expect someone to feel in that situation. I... think I'm going to contradict what I said to Aiden. I think you guys need to go to your place, and just hang out. I'm gonna wake for Chastin (if this is indeed him), to wake up and I'm going to use this really awesome thing called reason. It might actually help him out some. If we can all just hang out and be happy. I'm glad I already had Friday off so I'll be able to just sit back, relax and just hang tight and work through this. When it's all good. I'll contact you guys. THEN you can come back here. And we'll all get things worked out as a group.

    What the hell though guys. Seriously? Why did you have to tie him down like a monster? How did you ever think that'd help him calm down? You're actually surprised he broke free and ran? And what the hell is wrong with Taben. He's have NEVER done anything like this. I'm starting to not think this whole partnership between the Cat and mouse is a good idea if it's going to change the cat this much.

    There's gonna be a lot to go over when ya'll get here. We'll get it all hashed away. For now, don't worry. Slender's here for the time being. He's actually calm now. And sitting and playing with Allen.... well if you can call it playing. he's more or less just watching him and Allen's talking to him. And yeah. I'm going to stop now. I'm just so baffled and taken back that you guys are surprised/angry that he ran... Will you nevr stop and think things through?!

  2. He aimed a gun at Aiden D: I know it seems extreme but trust me...I've tried reason and it hasn't worked. Chastin's really suffering right now. He's confused and angry about Kyle's death and on top of that slendderp is fucking with his head.

    I understand that tying him down wasn't the greatest thing in the world...I feel awful for it. At the time I guess we were all thinking more about not being shot.

    I just don't want anything to happen to him...I'm angry that he's putting himself in more danger. I know he's the type who likes to do everything on his own and accept help from no one. Its frustrating and its going to get him killed. Its certainly gotten him in trouble in the past.

    At least slendy isn't following him around for now. I dunno...I'm just so worried about him. I've been having like a constant panic attack over concern for his well being ever since he left. I guess I was just desperate to keep him from getting into more trouble.

  3. Also Taben didn't really have any part in tying him down. He was still on the floor bleeding from his leg. I pretty much Chas in a bear hug to stop him from shooting Aiden. Things went downhill from there because he started freaking out and we were all concerned he'd hurt himself and us.