Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I remember now

I remember the words I spoke in my dream that drove slendy and ///It/// away. I was wrong about it being 3 words, it was 4. I was sitting in bed thinking and they came to me.

The words were "Tu Fui, Ego Eris", which is Latin for "As I am, so you shall also be". It's put on graves in certain parts of the world to remind people of their mortality.

And, yes, I know its also from Silent Hill 3.

I think dream me spoke those words in particular because I've always been pretty much in awe of the Silent Hill games (at least the first 3).

In the game, Heather uses those words to destroy a terrifying monster blocking her path. I think dream me said these words because, as a result of my love for Silent Hill, they hold some sort of meaning for me.

I guess I was thinking that, if Heather could drive off her worst nightmare with just those words, then why can't I drive off my worst nightmares with them? There must be some way out of this horror that has become my life. In the end I think that only I have the power to save myself from Slender Man. Each and every one of us being tormented by him has to find our own way out. We can help each other and stick together to make it a little easier to live through each day, but it all comes down to our own individual power.

The Slender Man is a creature of perception. I was probably thinking that, if I believe enough that the simple statement "Tu Fui, Ego Eris" has the power to protect me from the evil that's just outside my door, then maybe it really will. Belief has a surprisingly immense amount of impact in our lives. Perhaps the only way to rid ourselves of slendy is through the strength of each individual's belief. We have to convince ourselves that we can overcome this creature. We have to feel with complete conviction that we are not helpless before the power arrayed against us.

I think subconscious me was trying to tell me that with my dream. It was trying to remind me that I have to believe that I can be free before anything else. So, maybe, just maybe, those words will help me fell this demon of mine for the sole reason of them having personal meaning to me. Maybe that's all it takes...something that can strengthen one's resolve to the point where one can stand up to anything.

Maybe I'll go find slendy and say these words to him...

I just have to believe, right?

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