Monday, June 20, 2011

Probably doesn't matter

I had a dream last night that I was standing in the road by my parents' house. I turned around and Slender Man was standing 20 feet away. I turned around again and ///It/// was standing exactly the same distance from me. I was trapped.

If this happened to me in reality and I had to run at one of them, I'd probably choose slendy since, you know, ///It/// apparently likes to turn his victims into bloody pulp.

In my dream, however, I didn't run. I backed up to where I could see both of them and I spoke three words. I can't remember what they were. They were probably just dream gibberish, though it could have been Latin I guess. Anyway, when I spoke those words Slender Man and ///It/// both writhed in pain and disappeared.

Then I woke up, but I was still dreaming. I know right? Inception moment. Then I woke up for real and Chastin was gone. Bear and Steve were in his place and ///It/// was looking in through the window again.

I found Chastin lying on the floor by the door, knocked out. He had the left overs of a snack in his hands and his satchel was lying next to him. I think he woke up, got food, and was going to leave. How then, did he end up asleep again? It was probably slendy. God I hate it when he's around while I'm asleep...

Anyway...I wonder if my dream means something? Probably not, but it was interesting all the same.


  1. Ok I'm getting fed up with this ///It/// shit. Who the fuck is he, and why is he on everyone's blog?

  2. You can think of ///It/// as a second Slender Man. It is, however, much more murderous and is in opposition to the Slender Man. I think they're technically the same being, just split into two. If you go through H(a)unting, Scared, and The Idyllic Clone you should get a good idea of what ///It/// is.