Saturday, June 18, 2011


I've spent most of today looking after Chastin. I cleaned him up and I've been trying to give him water. I guess I could always hook him up to an IV if he doesn't wake up soon so I can get some food in him. I learned some things from my mother apparently. Bear hasn't left Chastin's bed since we got here, I guess he missed him.

Its been fun getting to know everyone here. Allen is an adorable little ball of fun. Slendy's pretty easy to ignore here. Its kind of like how I felt when he was hanging out at my house every day for a week that time. He's just another piece of furniture. He's still mad, but I don't care. I came here to avoid him and work things out and that's what I plan to do.

Oh lovely, I turn around and ///It/// is peeking in through the window in this room. God's extremely frightening. Ai says ///It/// will never come inside because of slendy, but I still worry.

Eldritch abominations aside, its very peaceful sitting here with Chas. He's so deeply asleep...I haven't seen him this calm since we first met.

I almost don't want him to wake up...

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