Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am quite relieved

I'm here with Aiden and Taben at Chastin's place right now. I'm so relieved they're ok...and I feel awful for what Chastin tried to do. When I entered his loft place I think it caught Chastin off guard. He looked up at me with a confused, almost lost look on his face. He clearly had no idea what he was doing. Aiden and I were able to subdue him after that. As he says, Chas is tied up to a chair. God I feel horrible for doing that to him...he looked at me like what I was doing was the worst of betrayals as we were doing it.

But its the only way...he's on the brink of losing his mind and becoming a proxy.

Slendy's here but I don't think he'll do anything to Chas and I while Aiden's here, too. Wow though...he's...livid. I can feel it radiating off of him. I'm not sure if Aiden and Taben are noticing it, too. Maybe they're just ignoring it.

Thanks for helping us Aiden and Taben. I'm sorry you guys almost died due to my boyfriend's serious case of crazy.


  1. At least it isn't It. That is the absolute LAST thing you guys need to see right now is THAT thing.

    I'm sure Todd would agree, but he's asleep.

    Just stay with Chas. And also try to keep him away from Him, or at least as best as you can. I'm sure Ai being there is going to to help him a lot.

    Seth was having a dandy time with proxification months ago too...just dandy...

    We pulled him back. You guys will be okay.

    ~ Branwen

  2. Since I'm kinda new, who are these two people Aiden and Taben? Oh and tip, If your friend really DOES turn to the other side, take him away from slendy as much as possible. Proxies can be returned to normal that way.

  3. Very close friends of mine, and new allies to Malkin and Chastin.

    ~ Branwen

  4. CML:
    Aiden and Taben are the coolest people in the world lol. If you look on my dashboard you'll find their blogs. They're called The Idyllic Clone and a Tarot of Tiger Tales.

    Also, from what I've seen in other blogs slendy puts some kind of substance inside his proxies that allows him to control them. I dunno. The hope is it won't come to that point.

    I don't think slendy's going to do anything with Aiden here. He's definitely mad though. I've never seen him this angry...

  5. Hmmm. Interesting, where are you located may I ask? I might be able to provide help if I'm close enough.

  6. Its ok lol. We got this. Now that Aiden and Taben are here it should be ok. Thanks though :-) I'd be more worrying about yourself D: slendy could get bored of us and go bother you any day now. I mean...he's extremely angry right now. He's just been standing in a corner seething all day. He's prolly going to want to go maim someone.

  7. Well now that you put it that way, I'm not sleeping tonight. That's gunna be a bitch cuz I gotta work tomorrow haha. No but seriously I'm soaking up every dull moment in the world, you might as well enjoy the time you got left right? I have also been planning my trip for a few months now with a friend so I have it semi covered.
    P.s Do you have a Facebook? This commenting thing is getting a little weird.

  8. I've been through worse. Though.. now that the boyfriend's disappeared we're going to have to take a moment to figure out what to do. especially since Slenderp's gone as well. Which doesn't add up to good in my book. It's better when he's here where Aiden can go on and on trying to 'talk' to Him. At least when he's talking to Him, Slenderp leave the rest of us alone. Aiden can handle His voice in his head. Us? No we can't. There's a reason he's always writing for us.

  9. Its rather painful when he talks to me :-/ but I can deal with it. He won't listen to me like he listens to Aiden, though. I tried to reason with him a while ago and he just got angry.

    Slendy definitely went after Chastin. Unless, of course, he went to take his rage out on some other poor soul. God...this isn't good no matter how you slice it.

    It doesn't really fix things if I'm safe. He was just using me to get to Chastin. Now that he can't get me he's going to focus all of his energy on Chas. We're going to have a boyfriend proxy on our hands before long :-/