Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is unexpected

So, apparantly, Chastin is now at Aiden's house. I'm certainly confused...

I'm going to assume that Chastin ran into slendy while he was off running away from us and got moved to Ai's house. Slendy must have listened to Aiden.

While I do suppose this is a good thing, I just want to warn Brennon that Chastin will probably run away the moment he wakes up and I doubt anyone there can stop him. He's a lot more badass than he looks, trust me.

 I just want to tell you, Brennon, that you shouldn't try to stop him. He needs to get his head on straight before we can do anything to help him. So, if he wants to go, please let him go...

All we can really do is be there for him when he decides to come back. Slendy, I'm sure, won't try and stop him.

Chas, I'm so sorry we tied you up...Brennon's right, we shouldn't be surprised you ran away. Please forgive me...and, when you're ready, please come back to me. I just want to be together again.

So yeah, Brennon, just let him go if he wants to. He'll be ok.


  1. Alright. I moved him to the room and put a laptop in there for him. The doors unlocked and he's free to go. I put a bit of food in there. Giving him privacy. I'm pretty confident that, well if he goes he won't go away for long. Being as you guys aren't from Ohio. He's probably going to be quite confused.

    Also, when does Aiden plan on bringing you guys back? Or should I wait till Chastin's run off? Sometimes I wish I could talk to him the way Taben can.

  2. We're at my apartment trying to work things out. Chas and I have two cats so I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. So, we'll be there soon I'm guessing. I don't know why neither of them has posted anything.

    Also, thanks. He just needs time to work out his problems. I'm going to hope that, if slendy does anything to him while he's gone, he'll come back immediately. If not, we'll have to go save his ass.