Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Wow...I was rereading our past posts and I realized how much things have changed in the course of only a month and a half. Its all thanks to Slender Man. That bastard ripped our lives apart so easily and now I feel like there's no going back...

Aiden and Taben, you guys are my heroes. Thank you for even considering to come help us out...if this all works  out I'll never be able to repay you for your kindness. Maybe things can go back to the way they were between Chas and I if we can get away from slendderp for awhile.

But, we can't live at Aiden and Taben's house forever. We're going to have to find a way to deal with this. Since Aiden's house is a safe zone of sorts, maybe I can actually get slendy to rationally work this out with me. Unlikely though....

I can see now that I've been an idiot. How could I have ever thought slendy would show us mercy? I said myself that he was created by us to murder and scare. So that's what he is. A murderous monster that is fear incarnate. He doesn't understand love or friendship. He protects certain people out of a curiosity and nothing more. I used to think he actually cared about Sandra, for example, but I guess she's right. He just wants to know why she's immune to his evil.

I'm so idealistic, aren't I? I need to see things for how they really are. I think that's what slendy meant during our last conversation when he said that thing about the truths of the world being cruel and brutal things and how I'm not ready to know them yet. He means that I was trying to see a goodness in him that wasn't there. He was brought into our world to kill and that's all he's ever going to do. But, there are times when he does defy this rule. What is he then? It isn't right to call him evil, especially when good and evil are, as he said, human constructs. They don't apply to him because he isn't of this world. He isn't human. How can we put a label on his nature then? Its so alien to us that we are forced to make it in terms of things we understand, hence the good and evil thing. But, he isn't either of those things. He's something else altogether. Something we can never comprehend.

I don't know what else to do...I hate myself for even thinking the Slender Man could be good. But...then I think of him and how he acts around Allen...isn't the way he treats that kid good?

I guess I'm just grasping at things I'll never be able to understand. I've seen his true nature and its horrifying.

This brings me to wonder how he'll react when we go to Aiden and Taben's place. He wants Chastin. Taking us into that safe zone is going to piss slendderp off to no end thats for certain...what if he hurts one of our new friends because they'll have taken his prey away from him?

If there's one thing I've learned about the Slender Man from this experience its that, above all else, he's completely childish. He hates losing. He can't stand having his toys taken away from him and he'll throw a tantrum if it happens. A murderous tantrum that amounts to a killing spree. Yay...

Ugh...I hate thinking about all of this. I know I'll never be able to fully comprehend slendy...he's just too different.

Oh! He's not standing at the end of the hallway anymore! I think he realized that I can't live on stale oreos that I found under the bed. He's in the corner of the living room. Good.

As long as he's here I can be assured that Chastin is safe.


  1. Stale oreos are the best. They're perfect for dipping in milk. I like that as they go stale they get a bit softer and chewier... yeah I'm a weirdo like that :p

    And don't worry. We'll figure something for you guys. If Slenderp throws a tantrum let him. Our biggest concern is the fact that if you come here you'll be introduced to It. You don't need another Elderp following you around and threatening you. Just hang in there. We'll post when things will get real. You'll know the sign when you see it... or.. well yeah, I guess it'll show you the depth at which we're stuck in this mess. I'm still wondering how Slenderp wil react. I don't think he honestly believe Aiden would start using his... abilities for lack of better term, as a means of 'saving prey'.

    Also, Allen is... I have ni idea what allen is. I dunno why He's so friendlyish with Allen. The fact he completely ignore Ryan more often than nor leaves me baffled. I guess it's the fact that Ry's so bitter/jaded/apathetic about most things in life that he can just write off Slendy as another everyday part of living.

    Yeah, our family here is weird. You'll prolly fit right in with the mix though :3

  2. lol Elderp XD see what I started?

    And I agree that stale oreos are good, but up until now I lacked the milk to make them the best ever lol.

    Given what I've seen with Sandra, Jack, and you guys I'd rather not meet ///It///. I'd rather take my chances with slendy. But, slendy's been a huge douche canoe the past month or so, so I'm happy we'll get a break from him at your house.

    Slendy can just get over us being there. I'm slightly worried that ///It/// will like...have an even bigger killing spree tantrum thing at slendy for letting us get away.

    Ah well, you are too cool, sir. I look forward to seeing you guys.

    Also, please beat Chastin over the head with something for me.

  3. He'll be our first stop. If he doesn't come willingly, or tries to shoot.. well... yeah... We'll be as nice as possible till shit starts getting real.

    And yes, you started something big. I think it's what we need though. Make fun of them so they aren't as scary, if only for a little while.

  4. Its kind of hard to do that with ///It/// though, unfortunately. But, I guess we can like...throw eggs at him or something if we see him to lighten the mood.

    I'm seriously considering pouring milk on slendderp's fancy jacket. He's freaking driving me crazy. If he doesn't leave in the next hour I'm going to do it. Srsly.

    I told him that and he just tilted his head. I guess he doesn't believe me lol

  5. The jacket's not really a jacket anyways. It's an extension of his skin. Think of Him like a shape-shifter. No matter the shape they take, it's always their skin. it may appear to be clothing or fur, but in the end it's still their skin.

    Hopefully you'll have a break from him for a bit. Aiden and I called him to us and he.. well he actually came. We're gonna start getting shiznit done and plotted. We're hoping we can work something out.

    Oh and ///It/// likes eggs. I think. he raids birds nests all the time anyways... which is... odd....? I guess he's frustrated that we never go past our boundaries anymore. No. I think I've learned my lesson for that :p

  6. Yeah, I remember Robert mentioning something like that on his blog. Like he noticed slendderp's tie squirming or something XD

    I didn't actually try to pour milk on him. He probably would've like knocked me out or something.

    Thanks for doing this :-) we really need the help right now. Chastin especially...that dude's getting crazier by the day.

    Also, really? Eggs? What is he a wild animal? I guess anything living in general is good food for it...

  7. It's a wild Ailen. I can't even give it the respect to give it a gender. Slenderp at least tries to appear human... but if you ever see It, you'll notice it'... like he a latex blow-up doll or something. So fucking' alien.

    And yet again, no problem. Trying to figure out what's going on. Aiden and I are brain storming as much as possible. I think Slendy knows what we're up to. He doesn't seem... mad? The just seems intrigued if anything. We mention names and he seems more interested... And then I growl... and thin his tentacles flail. He doesn't like how protective the tiger is over his friends :p It amuses me.

  8. Maybe he likes the challenge we're posing to him? I feel like he usually has an easy time getting his prey but then people like us come along who give him trouble. It must be fun for him.

    Also, I applaud slendy's efforts to appear human. He does a pretty good job besides the whole no face thing.

    I remember that, before I got involved in all this, any guys in suits I saw on the street would give me a mini heart attack XD I'd be all "OH GOD ITS THE SLENDER MA....oh its just a regular dude my bad."