Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hitting the Road, Jack.

I'm not the person to be controlled.
I'm not the person to be humiliated.
I'm not the person to lose my grip.

I'm gone. I'm going to find answers. I will check in every now and then.

But for now...

I refuse to be tied in a chair by people who don't know me. You can't take me that easily.
I was a marine you idiots, I can get out of a slip not tie.


  1. Chastin, you are an idiot. What did you expect us to do? We couldn't get you to clam down, we couldn't get you to reason. You just pointed a GUN at us. All the bullet holes in your walls? You wonder why we tried to subdue you?

    Whatever, go, run. Whatever. It's not going to help. Slender Man will still fallow you. Actually. Now that I realize it. He's gone. He's after you more than likely. We'll give you time to cool off. But for now, we're going to go to safety. I think we were given more time just for the fact that I think Aiden was trying to 'reason' with Slender Man. I dunno if anyone can really reason with the monster but I know Aiden tries... too hard sometime.

    We're gonna go home. We're gonna take Malkin with us. The offer remains. Our home is open to you. Come and we'll explain everything to you. We'll teach you whatever you need to know. We may not know you know you, but I'm willing to be your boyfriend does. He loves you, man. He needs you, you need him. So, yeah. When you're done with your macho impression then feel free to look us up.

  2. Chastin, please come back...I know you don't believe in slendy but...god he was so angry...

    He's going to kill you if you don't come back.