Saturday, June 25, 2011

This must be our fault...

We still haven't found Ry...god I feel horrible for Taben. I've been helping them look but so far we've got nothing. I don't want to be...morbid...but I'm concerned that Slender Man did something. I feel like this is his way of getting some sort of sick revenge on Aiden and Taben for taking us in.

I'm so sorry, Taben...I promise I'll do everything in my power to help. I swear.

1 comment:

  1. This is in no way your fault. Don't blame yourself. And if anyone did anything, I think It would. Slender Man is fond of Allen. He knows that harming me or Ry will upset Allen. Therefore he won't do anything to us... now... if It did it? Gods save whatever soul he may have.... cause Slendy will be pissed as all get out.

    Just.. seriously man.. I know I hollered at you about it already but do not blame yourself.