Sunday, June 26, 2011

I believe him

Its true. I honestly believe slendy when he says he didn't hurt Ry. Its moment slendy outright tells me he isn't capable of compassion and the next he goes and tries to help us find a missing person all for the sake of one little kid. Truly, I don't understand how that mind of his works.

We've still got nothing...this is horrible. Slendy is outraged half of the time I see him. Thankfully its not directed towards any of us this time. Every time ///It/// shows up slendy pretty much goes crazy and chases after It. Slendy and the rest of us clearly think It had something to do with this. I don't know if It just finally snapped and broke whatever truce it had with slendy or if there's a reason behind this madness. I doubt Its just angry that slendy showed Chas and I mercy. That, of course, may be a contributing factor but I think something else is going on.

Chas tried to leave again, by the way. I was drinking milk in the kitchen last night at like...3 and I heard someone coming down stairs. I turned on the light and it was Chas. We stared at each other for a moment and then I felt those familiar burning eyes on my back. I turned around and slendy was there lurking in the corner. Chas, of course, freaked out.

Me: Chas! Please calm down he isn't going to hurt you here.

Chas: Where am I? How did we get here? The last thing I remember is walking down the street after escaping from you guys tying me up and the next thing I know I'm in some strange room days later.

Me: It was him. (I gesture behind me to slendy, who is totally eavesdropping.) He caught you while you were running and brought you here.

Chas: isn't real. He isn't! This is a dream.

Chas started freaking out at that point. It figures...he's lost his grip on reality.

Me: Chas...calm down...please...its all right! I'm here...I'll always be here for you.

Chas: I can't be here. I have to figure out what happened with Kyle. I can't be with you until I do.

Me: If you go outside there's absolutely no guarantee that you won't be killed. I know you don't believe in Slender Man. Well whether you believe or not, there's another one of him waiting right outside the door there and that thing is about a million times more dangerous than him (I gesture back to slendy again and turn around to find that he's standing right behind me.).

At that point I hear slendy trying to speak to me. I reluctantly let my guard down and his voice echoes in my mind.

Slendy: I have let you live this long as a favor. You are both living on borrowed time. However, I will not hurt either of you for the time being. Why not let him go?

Me: You seem to be forgetting my original point that your more dangerous counterpart is out there waiting for one of us to leave. For all we know It already got Ry...

Slendy: I will not allow that creature to hurt your mate. He is my prey, as are you.

Me: (Heavy with sarcasm) Oh, I'm so relieved.

Slendy: Do not mock me, child. There is nothing stopping me from killing you both right here. I choose not to because I made a promise. I always keep my word. The one you call Ryan is in danger because I was unaware of his departure. I could not be there in time to protect him. You, however, I have been monitoring constantly. You will never be free from me, remember that.

Chas is still frozen in fear in the other side of the room at this point.

Chas: Wh...who are you talking to?

Me: Slendy. Oh, right you can't hear him can you?

Chas:'re crazy. This is all crazy. ITS NOT REAL, GOD DAMMIT.

Me: Chas, please keep your voice down. Look, I know what happened with Kyle. I know that you were a proxy before you met me. You escaped from slendy and now he wants you back. Slendy made you kill Kyle, it wasn't your fault!

Chas: Wh...what? I...

Slendy: So, you've worked it out. No matter, shall I put him to sleep again? His mind needs more time to adjust.

Me: I don't think there's any other way.

Slendy stares pointedly at Chas. Chas cringes for a moment but then falls to the floor, asleep. Slendy then places a hand on my shoulder and looks down at me.

Me: Um...why are you touching me?

Slendy: I wish to show you something.

Me: What?

Slendy: The Godsway, or, as it is also known, the Path of Black Leaves. You humans give it many names.

I'm truly shocked at this point. Why would he want to show me that? I'm not one of his servants.

Me: What the fuck? Firstly, why would you want to take me there? Secondly, why the hell would I want to go there.

Slendy: I wish to see if your mind can handle it. Usually it is difficult even for my servants to go there. You are not my servant, though you will be soon, I can assure you. I am merely curious.

Me: Can it wait? I need to care for Chastin.

Slendy thinks for a moment.

Slendy: Yes...perhaps that is best. I must continue my search. I will not warn you when I decide to take you there, however.

The next think I know he's gone and I'm standing there staring at empty space. I go to pick up Chastin and drag his ass back to bed.

I'm disturbed to be honest...god....I didn't realize just how much damage this has done to Chastin's mind.

I need to be on guard. Slendy said he wouldn't warn me when he decided to take me to the Path of Black Leaves. I'm seriously freaked out right now...why the fuck would he want me to go there? I don't understand that monster...

Anyway...that was my adventure. I need to go back to helping look for Ry. Hopefully this will all make sense soon...


  1. Ask him if he is God!!!! Man, I wish he had a face so I could see the reaction. (BTW I know about godsway, that doesn't have anything to do with it.)

  2. I don't think he's technically a god. I think he's just one of the many impossibilities that exists in this universe. I'll ask him the next time I see him, but I'm pretty sure he'll tell me something similar to what I just said.

    I wish I knew what his motives are for wanting to take me into the godsway. From what I know of it, I don't think I ever want to see it.

    Maybe he just wants to scare me. He is a sneaky bastard after all...

  3. Haha, so I've heard. I wouldn't really wanna go there either, there could be something or someone there way worse than HIM.

  4. According to Robert Sagel there are some pretty nasty creatures there. I think slendy wants to see how much my mind can handle. He's probably still confused as to why he has so much trouble getting inside my head.