Saturday, June 18, 2011

Far and Away

I just want to establish that we are taking the kitties with us. I know everyone (Taben) was concerned about that XD

Also, I'm assuming Chastin is still passed out in one of the guest bedrooms. If you want to leave, snuggly bear, I won't stop you. I just want you to know that its dangerous out there. I saw ///It///. I definitely prefer the Slender Man. Seriously, that creature abomination. Much more so than slendderp, at least.

Slendy's been around, but he's just been ignoring me so far. He hasn't gone near Chastin as far as I know. I caught him "staring" at me once and when I looked up at him to meet his gaze at where his eyes would be I felt this kind of...roiling anger. He really doesn't like the fact that we're here, that's for sure. I guess he's mad his prey temporarily escaped him.

It was actually kind of funny...///It/// was peeking in through a window at me and slendy went outside and like...shooed him away. It made me lol. I think slendy is afraid that ///It/// is going to try to kill Chas and I. He doesn't want ///It/// taking his playthings away, I suppose.

I am reassured, at least, that ///It/// won't attack Chastin if he leaves. Slendy may want Chas either dead or under his control, but he won't let any harm come to him from anything other than himself. I gotta hand it to slendy, he's pretty dedicated.

Wow...slendy just can't win can he? Thanks for saving us Ai and Taben. Its really going to help even if Chas is almost certainly going to run away as soon as he wakes up. How do I know this? He's always been a hard headed, stubborn guy. He likes doing things on his own and I've never been able to stop him. He's...well, as I stated before, quite the badass even if he doesn't look like it.

In the very least he'll get to see his beloved cat, Bear, when he wakes up.

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