Thursday, June 23, 2011

This has been a fun last 12 or so hours

Its kind of strange being here in this new place. I guess I kind of feel...out of the loop? I don't know. All I can really do here is look after Chastin. I heard Ry and Taben fighting last reminded me of the many problems Chastin and I have. I gave Taben a hug, but there isn't much else to say or do that can make that kind of pain go away...

Allen's screaming this morning was...frightening. I thought we were being attacked to be honest. I feel really bad for the little guy...this has been a really rough 12 hours for Taben, too.

I wish I could do something to help everyone. I wish I could be more than just a bystander here.

I don't think Chastin's going to come back if he leaves. I don't think he loves me anymore...not after all that's happened in the last few months. I still care for him, but he tends to be...fickle.

I never did try those words I dreamed about on slendy. I wouldn't even dare try them on It...too risky. They've both been here constantly for a few days. Slendy's angry again...I think something bad is about to happen.

Oh! Chastin is stirring! Finally...lazy ass...


  1. You're more of a help than you realize. marital issues suck. Relationships are complicated. Marriages even more so. It doesn't help that Ry doesn't really care about the whole Slendy thing, and he won't play the part of the woman when I just refuse to.

    Allen's better now that I've got him home and he can zone out. And really, don't feel left out. You're a great addition, just need to stop being so shy around everything.

    I had an odd idea that might work. I have to run it over with Aiden though, but it might get Slendy off Chas's back. Something tells me them being around so much is connected to him. You really need to sit with us one night and just, explain to us what you know of why They're so interested in him.

    Also we totally need to throw a party. We haven't had a party here for way too long. parties are fun and help calm nerves. If Chastin woke up and a party was going on I'm sure he'd be happy to join in! :3

  2. I have a theory about why slendy wants Chas. Its clear to me from all that's happened that slendy used Chastin to kill his brother, or at least tried to. Chastin broke away and now slendy wants to finish what he started.

    As for It, I think it's here for a different reason. It's probably still pissed at slendy for being so lenient regarding our situation, but I don't think It wants Chas.

    Also, a party sounds awesome. I believe there should be cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes.

  3. You are a man after my own heart.

    And I guess I can see where you being that conclusion. But somehow I think he also may want to have you lot under the control of his... kind... or whatever.... eh, I'll explain to you my plans later. I'm gonna go back out looking for Ry. I'm... kinda starting to get worried now he's usually the more forgiving of the two of us, he shoulda been back by now. :\