Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been rough

Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long. Chas and I have been through a lot these past few days since I last posted and since, you know, Ai tried to kill us.

That night when I woke up after Ai's emotions knocked me out, I didn't realize it at first, but what had woken me up was actually the fire alarm and I could smell smoke coming up from downstairs. Chas and I went to the top of the stairs and found that half of the downstairs was on fire. Suddenly, a burning shape darted up the stairs and collapsed at our feet. Chas grabbed the fire extinguisher from the bathroom and put out whatever it was. Now, you may recall me telling Ai that I'm going to hurt him in very painful ways for what he did to Raven, Taben's cat. This is why. When the fire was out, I realized that the shape was a cat. It mewled at me weakly and then died in my hands. You see, I'm a huge animal lover. Seeing any animal in pain pretty much drives me over the edge and you can only imagine how this made me feel. Chas had to drag me off the floor and force me to move because I'd gone into some sort of shocked and sorrowful stupor.

Our cats, Steve and Bear, had been asleep on our bed and, thankfully, we'd thought to close the door after ourselves when we went out to see what was happening, or else they probably would have ended up like Raven (which would have been too much for me to handle, honestly). We couldn't escape through the downstairs, as the fire was already spreading up the stairs, so the only option open to us was to jump out a window. I grabbed our blanket and wrapped up our cats in it so we could carry them both more easily while Chas went to the other windows in the other rooms to see if there were any safer places to jump from. I heard a cry and a few moments later Chas came back in with burns on his hands, his arm, and his cheek. We ran into Allen's room, which faced the front of the house and had the roof over the porch beneath it that we could use to get down. The smoke was overwhelming at that point. It burned my eyes and throat and I felt like I was going to collapse. I could hear my cats meowing in confusion and fear from inside the blanket and that and Chas's yelling were really the only things that kept me going. Chas used a chair to break the window and I had him climb out first since he was already injured. I handed him the bundle with our frightened cats in it and then he helped me out. The fire was spreading quickly and was already entering the room behind me. Chas managed to climb down to the ground and had me throw our cats to him. Thinking I would be alright, I jumped down from the roof we'd been on since it wasn't that far from the ground.

It was at this point that I realized that I wasn't a Revenant anymore. I had fractured my ankle from jumping and I had minor burns on my arms and hands. I sat waiting for them to heal, but they never did. I was shocked and confused. I could still feel my connection to Aiden, but it hit me that he must have taken away my powers when he left. I realized that the smoke would have probably debilitated me had I still had my hypersensitivity and that I would have noticed the fire the moment it gave off smoke had I still had my heightened senses. Slowly, it all made sense and I began to feel more helpless than ever.

Chas left for a few moments and came back with our cats' carriers that we'd been keeping in my car (I'd had it sent here awhile ago). Steve and Bear were still frightened, but it made me feel much better knowing that we'd all survived. Chas called the Fire Department and they and the police arrived within 15 minutes. After an hour, they'd gotten the fire put out (it had only spread to a few of the trees, so thankfully we avoided a major forest fire) and told us that they had determined it to be arson. The police questioned us, and we told them we woke up to the blaze. Before they had arrived, Chas and I had discussed what story we would give them. He had been all for telling them that Aiden had started it, but I convinced him to lie with me. I know Ai didn't do this out of any kind of hate for us. I know he didn't mean to kill us and I still consider him my good friend. So, when the cops asked where Ai was, I told them he was visiting a friend in Portland and that we had been planning on meeting him there in a few days. Since there have been so many hate crimes against homosexuals in that area in the past, the police decided that the fire must have been a hate crime also. They told us they'd look into it and then we were taken to the hospital. My injuries were so minor that they released me after an overnight stay. Chas' burns were only slightly worse, however, they kept him for two days out of concern for the huge tentacle shaped scar that ran down his arm that slendy had given him months earlier. It still looks blistered and painful, but all they really did in the end was wrap it up in a bandage.

Chas and I are driving to Portland after Aiden now. We managed to rescue our laptops, wallets, phones, and my car keys before we jumped out (I forgot to mention that) because they were all in our room. The cats are in the back and seem to think we're on an extremely long car ride to the vet because they're both weirding out. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you guys know what's up and that we'll be there in a day or so. My connection with Ai still holds and hopefully that won't break before we get there so I can find him.

The only real concern I have right now is Slender Man. We're both vulnerable now. I can't chase him off and hope to survive the encounter like I used to be able to. If he decides to kill us now, there won't be anything we can do about it and Aiden really will be on his own.

 Well, we're pretty much doing what normal runners do right now, so maybe we'll be able to avoid him for awhile.

Oh...I just realized my college will be starting up again in late September. Wow, I need to get all these problems that have popped up worked out quickly if I want to avoid becoming a fifth year senior. That would suck.

I'll get back to you guys when something interesting happens.

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