Saturday, August 20, 2011


I feel horrible. I feel like my entire body is about to fall apart. If you read Ai's recent post, you'll know that the Hatchling thing was all an illusion. Slender Man was just fucking with Ai's head the whole time and it spread to everyone he was in contact with. I was never a Revenant...the injuries I sustained that I thought healed are all still here and a few of them, like the broken arm and the wounds I got in my shoulder when Ai threw the large glass object at me a week or so ago, are even worse than they were when I got them because I unknowingly left them untreated.

The only explanation I can come up with for the doctors at the hospital only noticing my burns is that the illusion somehow spread to them as well. God...Slender Man's power is greater than I ever imagined. If he can create an illusion as complete and flawless as the one he cast on us, then there's no comprehending what else he must be capable of. I guess that is his specialty, though. He worms his way into your thoughts and rips you apart from the inside out, laughing while he does it. I'm in shock right now...I guess I'm finally coming to terms with my mortality.

I think the only reason KK didn't get infected by the illusion is because it was already so close to wearing off at that point. Slender Man is done fucking with us. That's part of what he meant when he showed up in our hotel room that night. He's not going to play games and promise fake truces anymore.

So yeah, I'm in absolutely no shape to be going anywhere. We're in Portland right now and Chas and I are going to the hospital soon to get my broken arm, broken nose, and the now infected cuts made by the glass in my shoulder patched up. I'm pretty much a walking disaster right now, but I'm not complaining. I could be a lot worse and I'm extremely happy the illusion broke when it did.

You know...Ai, myself, Chastin, and Brennon were all essentially slenderproxies. We were completely under his control and had no idea the entire time. There's no other explanation for's the only way Ai and I would have been able to enter the Path. We were Sleepers. We were puppets on his strings. I guess Slendy got what he wanted from Chas and I, even if it was only for a short time. He isn't finished with us yet though...that much is certain.

We'll be here in Portland waiting for you, Ai. I promise Chas doesn't want to kill you. I explained everything to him and he understands that none of this was your fault. We'll do our best not to die in the mean time.


  1. Fuck Malkin! Fuck fuck fuck! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! None of this was my fault!? I beat the fucking SHIT out of you! I could have killed you! You could have died from this. You could have fucking died because of me!

    Oh fuck, I don't know how to handle this. I'm going to talk to KK and Derek. I may come find you, I'll give you guys some cash, but, I dunno. What I know and have learned about KK in the past 24 hours, I just don't want her to be at any more unease than she already is with me here. We're very slowly getting to an understanding, I don't want to cause more complications. I want to help you guys out though. Fuck, I'm so sorry.... I'm so sorry man I didn't mean this. I didn't know. You were healing dammit! I saw you heal! I lost myself! I'm so sorry.

  2. Please, don't beat yourself up over's in the past and I don't hate you for any of it. I'll be alright. They only kept me overnight. They had to reset my arm because it was healing weird and I've got a stupid looking cast on my nose but other than that I'm fine. The infection in my shoulder isn't too bad and my burns are healing. I understand what happened to you and neither Chas nor I blame you for it. Chas is out looking for a job today and we still have money so we should be okay. Whenever you're ready you can come to us, but I have no idea where we'll go...