Sunday, September 18, 2011

We just can't seem to get a break

Hi guys, sorry for the random lack of posting. I've just been...distracted lately. That and typing is horrible when I only have one good hand and the three fingers left on the other hand only move a little. I would have put this post off until Aiden could type it for me, but a lot of distressing things have happened in the last 12 hours that need to be mentioned.

If you read this, then you know some serious shit went down this morning during breakfast. Chastin and I were sitting in the living room watching TV. I was spacing out. There were a lot of things I wanted to say to him...I wanted to tell him that I was afraid for him. I wanted to tell him about the suspicions Ai and I had been having.

Suddenly, Chastin started shivering and twitching. He doubled over with his head in his hands and his shaking became increasingly more violent. He fell to the floor and black ooze began dripping out of his nose and ears. I screamed, Brandy mentioned that. What she didn't say was that Chastin started shouting at nothing. I bent over him and tried to sit him up, but he pushed me away violently, yelling at me to stay away from him. Most of his words after that were incoherent.

Aiden rushed into the room, a terrified Brandy at his heels. Chastin was beginning to calm down at that point, but Aiden caught me as I tried to go to help him and held me back, glaring. Chastin struggled to his knees, pain still distorting his face, stared pointedly above our heads, and cried out words that I know will disturb me for a very long time...

"Bastard, you swore to me you would spare him! You gave me your word! You can't make me kill him, I'll die fighting you if I have to!" He doubled over again, ooze pouring down the sides of his head and down his mouth and chin, and began letting out choked, wheezing coughs. I felt a tentacle wrap itself around my neck. Before any of us could react, I was thrown against the wall on the other side of where Chastin was kneeling. Aiden cried out and attempted to run to my side, but Slender Man disappeared from behind him and rematerialized between him and Chastin, blocking his path. I crawled to Chastin, hoping that he had managed to fight off Slender Man's influence. He snarled at me when I touched him on his shoulder and knocked me onto my back, pulling a knife from his belt and holding it to my throat. His eyes were crazed and he stank of rotten flesh and blood.

"Chastin, please..." I begged, giving him an imploring look. "Don't you remember who I am?" His face became troubled and his hand holding the knife began shaking. His head twitched and a vein throbbed in his forehead. He clenched his hands and grimaced at the effort he was making to regain control. It seemed like he was going to win. I had hope in those few moments that everything would be alright, but these hopes were dashed almost immediately. Chastin's body relaxed, his shoulders slumping and his head falling forward. He let out a low, guttural laugh and pressed the knife back into my skin. With his other hand, he ripped off the bandages covering my injured arm and dug his nails into the ruined flesh, causing me to cry out in agony.

This must have been what set Aiden off. I heard a wild, raw yell from across the room and heard a muted thump that was followed by another cry of pain. Aiden had stabbed Slender Man in the shoulder and had somehow gotten hurt in the process. Chastin was off of me and on him almost instantly, snarling cruelly and ready to kill in retribution for the attack on his master. He slashed Aiden across the chest with his knife but, before he could strike a killing blow, I mustered up all the strength I had left in me and tackled him, punching him hard in the face and breaking his nose.

Chastin howled in pain, holding his nose as blood and Slender substance poured out of it. He pushed me off of him with his other arm, struggled to his feet, and dashed out the door.

Slender Man merely watching him go, tilted his head, and then vanished. 

I drove Aiden to the hospital. The stab wound in his shoulder wasn't too deep and neither was the cut on his chest, so they're only keeping him overnight. As for me, they re-did the bandages on my arm and sent me home once visiting hours were over.

The last thing I heard from Chastin was a text message from him apologizing for losing his head. He told me not to worry about him. He told me that he couldn't fight off Slender Man's influence any longer and that, if I get the chance, he wants me to kill him so he won't hurt me or anyone else. He told me he'd known about how I feel for Aiden for awhile and that I shouldn't let myself dwell on what happened or blame myself.

I'm sorry were right that whole time and I didn't want to listen. I wanted to believe that, even if he were a proxy, he could fight it off. I was wrong, and it almost killed us. I hope you can forgive me...I didn't even have the courage to say this to your face when I was with you in the hospital because I felt so bad...

Chastin saved my life and I couldn't do a thing to help him in his hour of need. I don't know what to do...I just...need to come to terms with what's happened. I wish Aiden were here...I really need a shoulder to cry on right now.

That and I don't know what to do about poor Brandy...she's absolutely terrified and I'm no help right now, what with me drowning in misery and guilt.

Things are going to be difficult in the coming months. Chastin won't have a choice but to keep trying to hurt us. He's going to slip even further into madness as time passes and I won't be able to save him. 

There were other things I wanted to say, but they aren't important right now. I need to do something that will make both myself and Brandy feel better.

Aiden, I can't wait until you're home. Chastin, if you read this, please hold on for as long as you can...

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