Thursday, September 8, 2011


All I can really say is that I didn't see this coming. Derek was a proxy? KK murdering him and declaring that all other proxies she encountered would get the same? She and I talked once awhile ago and she told me she would strive for revenge against Slender Man and his servants should the worst happen, then it did and she told me she'd given up. I don't understand it...

I'm not sure what happens now. I want to be there for Aiden now that he's alone again. If he does go back to being with us, though, what will we do then? He sounded like he wanted to stay here in his post. Mind you, there really isn't anything better for us to do anyway...I suppose I had hoped we might try to find KK and put an end to this, but she'd definitely kill us if we found her.

The only problem with the whole staying here thing is that the longer we're here, the more likely it is that Slender Man will murder us. As I hinted at earlier, Chastin and I had a horrible encounter with him over the weekend. My left arm (the one that had been broken but was healing) is pretty much a bloody mess. I'm missing two fingers and the skin all over my arm is in tatters. It kind of looks like I was caught in an explosion, or at least it did before we went to the hospital Saturday night. My arm is now covered in heavy bandages and in a sling since the bone went back to being snapped in half. I've had to have Chastin type all this out for me. It's time I recount what happened to us, but I need to do it in another post since it'll be a long one. I'll have that up tonight too, I promise.

For now, Aiden, we're going to need to come to where you are. I'll call you. I hope you won't be too shocked at how messed up we are...


  1. My dear Malkin, I think you misunderstood the brouhaha at KK's apartment. Dear Derek was never a proxy. He was simply attempting to reinforce Dia's point, a disastrously short-sighted choice given his wife's mental state.

  2. I suppose I just wanted to trust KK's judgement....I didn't want to believe that she'd completely lost it. Stupid of me, I know.