Friday, February 3, 2012


I found him. I went back to the house two days ago and found Aiden lying on the ground shivering. Above him stood the Slender Man and the moment I saw that I was afraid it was all over. He looked up from Aiden at me and tilted His head. I stood my ground, fighting the urge to back away.

It was odd, He wasn't making any move to attack either of us. It would have been so easy for Him, vulnerable as we were. There was no one around to help us, after all. He just stood there and looked at me and I stared back at Him unsure of what to do next. After a few minutes, Aiden gave a feeble whimper that snapped me out of my reverie. I began inching slowly towards Ai, taking care to keep my eyes on Slender Man. He didn't make any move to stop me. I shook Ai fiercely to get him to move away from Him as quickly as possible. Aiden's eyes widened when he saw me. He looked so relieved to see me that I nearly cried because of the expression on his face. Ai struggled to get up and I did what I could to help, though it wasn't much with my one arm. Suddenly, I felt a cold hand on top of my head and felt fingers squeezing my skull tightly.

My next thought was that that was it for me. I was dead. He would pull my head off and Aiden would be left choking on my blood. But, He didn't. He just held on for a few minutes while I stood frozen in place and Aiden stared up at us, dumbstruck and frightened. Then, He was gone. Either something distracted Him or He just got bored and left, I don't know. I do know that Aiden and I are lucky to be alive.

By all rights we should be dead right now...Aiden broke out of His labyrinth. He should have been absolutely furious and out for blood, but He didn't do anything. He didn't leave a scratch on either of us. I guess that just shows we don't know anything about Him. We can't predict what He wants or intends.

Aiden's safe now and that's all that matters. I plan to keep him that way. He's mostly been sleeping since I brought him back from the house. I don't know if he'll ever want to talk about what happened to him in the labyrinth, but that's alright. I know it must have been horrible...I'm just happy he's with me again.

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