Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dust to Dust

I've lately taken to just sitting in that crumbling ash pile that used to be our house. This whole ordeal has really made me realize how weak I am. I'm not used to being alone, I'm a wreck and a coward unless someone's here with me to support me. Chastin is gone and now Aiden is too and I have nowhere left to turn but this house. This is the last place I saw Aiden and, for some reason, I feel safe here. In the hotel room I can't sleep. I feel the eyes on me there more than anywhere else. I haven't felt the eyes in months, not since I moved in with Aiden. I didn't exactly miss that burning, gnawing feeling His gaze gives me. I can feel the tentacles crawling under my skin just like they did that night when He mutilated me. I want to rip it all off. I want to tear off my skin and rid myself of the taint. But, then I remember that there is no taint, not anymore. Aiden saved me from the taint, the evil that stole Chastin.

That sort of thing is all I can think about when I'm in the hotel room, but here I feel nothing. I feel as empty as this broken husk that used to be home that I'm sitting in now. It's a nice reprieve. I know the eyes are watching me even now, but here I can ignore them. It's pitch black all around me and I see His form in the trees no matter which way I turn my head, but I don't care, not here. In the hotel room, I would cry and beg Him to leave me be and to give me back Aiden, but not here. Here I can meet His gaze with some measure of courage and sanity.

I know I'm probably sounding rather emo right now. I'm just rambling to pass the time. I'm waiting here for Aiden to come back. The people reading this may have seen the post he made a few days ago. He's starting to see through the illusion at least a little. He's beginning to notice that the things he's seeing aren't possible. I don't think he's quite come to understand that Brennon and Branwen can't be alive, but he is starting to doubt because of the sight of the parents and siblings he knows for certain passed awhile ago. I guess it must be easier for him to see through that illusion because he has fully accepted their deaths. It's too soon to hope that he might realize that Brennon and Branwen aren't real because he hasn't completely let them go. This is, of course, just speculation on my part, but it all seems very likely to me. It gives me hope that he might still break free on his own before his paradise becomes a living hell. 

I know for certain that I cannot come to Aiden's rescue. The world he's seeing was tailored specifically for him. It is made from his memories and the people he regrets losing. Even if I were to force my way into whatever labyrinth He has Aiden in, it's very unlikely that I would even see the same things Aiden does and so I wouldn't be able to even find him, much less pull him out.

So, I'm just going to keep up my vigil here. There's no point in fooling myself by telling myself that it isn't safe here and that I should get inside. Nowhere is safe from Him. It doesn't make any difference where I am, He can still find me and kill me.

If I'm going to die, it might as well be here, in this place where Aiden, and now I, lost everything.

Not that I'm planning on dying anytime soon, mind you. I'm just brooding, so don't think I've given up yet. I plan on finding Aiden again, and I'm not going to let Him get in my way.

I'm not going to be a coward any longer, just watch.

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