Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coming Back to Haunt Me

So, as you all may have gathered from my last post, my arm is full of slender substance. It's oozing out and soaking my bandages as we speak. Slender Man must have left it in there when he tore my arm up from the inside out. I don't know how to take this revelation. I think...I think that if we don't do something about it the slender substance will eventually spread to the rest of my body.

There's an almost constant, sharp pain in my arm. The pain medication prescribed to me by the doctors doesn't help at all now and we can't try to get stronger ones because, you know, my condition is rather unnatural. Every so often my arm will spasm violently and I'll have to hold it down until it stops. I'm not sure if you guys have ever seen the movie Princess Mononoke, but I feel kind of like the guy with the cursed arm from that.

The other day when the slender substance first started leaking out, Aiden burst into my room just as I finished my last post. He had been worried because I'd screamed and had begun to panic since I hadn't opened the door right away. We peeled the wrappings off, which were coated with a thick layer of slender substance, washed off my arm, and re-bandaged it. We've been doing the same thing almost every hour ever since. There isn't much else we can do, honestly. 

I'm so scared guys...I don't want to become a proxy. If I don't do something soon, the slender substance will seep into the rest of my body and I'll become just like Chastin. I can feel it working its way up past my tattered forearm. Every day it crawls bit by bit up my arm and...what...what will happen when the slender substance reaches my brain? It could take over at any second and I'd be powerless to resist.

I know what has to be done, but I can't do it. I can't go to the hospital and I could never...mutilate myself like that.

I need help. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I'm too much of a coward to do what is necessary to protect the people around me. Please...tell me what I should do...

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