Thursday, April 28, 2011


He's outside.


Always watching me with eyes like hellfire.

Except...He has no face...when I look upon Him I can't see eyes, but I can feel them burning me.
But its not me He wants...I can feel that he wants Chastin. But, Chastin isn't here right now. Sorry, tall, dark, and skinny but you'll just have to come back another time. Perhaps I could make you an appointment?

Why won't He leave? Oh, Chastin, won't you come back already?

I am utterly alone, and not even Chastin is here to drive away that faceless horror lurking in the shadows.

Where are you when I need you most?

Oh, look, it appears the tall and handsome gentleman in the dashing business suit outside my window has tentacles. Truly the world is full of wonders beyond belief!

I just gave that handsome gentleman a little bow and...oh, he tilted his head at a ninety degree angle. That's just lovely.

I think He likes me. I bet Chas would be jealous...

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